JEE 2022 - 5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Avoiding NCERT Textbooks Your NCERT textbooks are the most crucial study material for the JEE Main exam. Aspirants must be aware of every topic covered in the textbooks. Be mindful that your NCERT textbooks are the most relevant updated syllabus for JEE. Many questions come from the NCERT-answered examples.  

Shunning Self-Assessment Suppose you entirely focus on learning as many concepts as possible without allocating time for revisions and assessments. In that case, it is simply a recipe for disaster. Have practice sessions and mock tests as often as possible.

Lacking Focus and Consistency Consistency is the key to an ideal JEE Main preparation strategy. Focus on the topics while studying and take notes. Discuss it with your friends to ensure that you understand it clearly. Approach reference books and experts for solving doubts. Stay focussed on track.  

Not Taking Personalised Notes  We recommend taking notes for each session as you are working your way through the entire syllabus. These notes are really beneficial during revision. Also, experts state that you tend to remember points better from your notes than from books. 

Not Clearing Doubts Immediately Every aspirant will have many doubts while preparing for the JEE Main 2022 Exam. It’s normal to get doubts or not understand a concept on the first survey. You can always clear your doubts by asking experts, referring to source materials, and discussing with friends or online forums.

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