Indore Man Builds Typewriter Museum With Collection Of Over 450 Typewriters

A man in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore runs a museum with over 400 types of typewriters which he claims has links to countries around the world. 

Rajesh Sharma, who started the ‘typewriter museum’ ten years ago, has managed to exhibit nearly 450 typewriters from America, England, Germany, France, among other countries, dating back to the 1890s.

Rajesh said his father Madhav Prasad Sharma had a shop outside the district court where he used to do typing work. He started to showcase the antique typewriters to make today’s generation aware of their use.

He said that the typewriter business was his family business and he started the museum to educate the young generation of the existence of the antique machine.

Rajesh’s collection includes typewriters mostly from the period between 1910 and 1930. One of them is an American typewriter, dating back to 1890 and another manufactured by Mercedes Company from 1922.

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