How to Write a Research SoP

Family History -  Do not write too many words in your Research SoP to describe your maternal and paternal family to the admission committee. They have no consideration if your forefathers descended from royalty or not

Financial Details -  Often, universities demand separate documentation for your financial status. Sometimes universities/Institutes would ask the candidates to provide a separate essay for the same while deciding about scholarships.

All your accomplishments -  You may have several accomplishments in academics, sports, art, recommendations from your teachers, etc. but it is not necessary to mention each of them in the SoP.

Details about your Academic Projects or Jobs -  It is important to include your academic Projects in your Research SoP but never go for explaining in detail about your project and what you did elaborately.

Academic and research  background -  Briefly mention your academic background starting with your Bachelor studies. Mention your Master’s thesis/ projects and relate them to the research topic you have selected.

Reasons to join this specific course/ programme and university - Perhaps the most important part of your SOP is answering the main question of the Adcom, that is, why you chose this course/ programme and why that particular university

Career goals: Short-term and Long-term -  Another vital aspect of your application is your career goals. Whether it is a UG student or an MS/MBA aspirant, if you are not clear in your mind about your future career goals, then the reader will instantly lose interest in your profile.

Letter of Motivation for Ph.D. programs -  At times, you may be required to write a motivational letter for a couple of Ph.D. programs. This will be slightly different from your SOP format as it will be directed to the department or the professor

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