How to Score 90+ Marks in Class 10 Science

You should first study from the NCERT books properly. Specially the examples at the end of each chapter. Most of the questions are based on that only. After studying from NCERT books, you may refer other books as well. Books have already been mentioned above.

Refer NCERT Books

While preparing for CBSE Class 10 Science Exam you should make a proper time-table. You must follow your time-table every day so you can complete the syllabus on time and have enough time for the revision.

Make a proper time table

 As formulae, chemical equations, and diagrams are the backbones of Science, you should make a separate notebook for this kind of stuff. Daily read those formulae & chemical reactions and practice diagrams.

Prepare notes for Formulae/Chemical  Equations/Diagrams

 Daily give at least 15 mins to the revision of what you have studied the whole day. This will help you remember the stuff for a longer time.

Give some time for the Revision

Be Careful with SI Units 

Be careful with the SI Units as most of the students either forgot to mention them or writes them wrong. So, learn them too.

Learn all the tough terminologies, common names of salts, their chemical formula, preparation, and uses. Learn only those which are mentioned in the syllabus.

Learn all the Tough Terminologies

This section does not require much time for the preparation but it requires speed and accuracy when it comes to balancing the chemical equations. Learn how to balance chemical equations.

Balance/Derive the Equations Correctly

When you get the question paper just read it carefully and analyze which question is difficult and easy and attempt them accordingly..

Read the Question Paper Carefully

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