How to remember what you read? 

Know Your Purpose Everyone should have a purpose for their reading and think about how that purpose is being fulfilled during the actual reading.

Skim First Some reading tasks require no more than skimming. Proper skimming includes putting an emphasis on the headings, pictures, graphs, tables, and key paragraph

Get the Mechanics Right For in-depth reading, eyes need to move in a disciplined way. Skimming actually trains eyes to move without discipline.

Be Judicious in Highlighting and Note Taking Use a highlighter to mark key points to act as the basis for mental pictures and reminder cues.

Think in Picture A picture may not be worth a thousand words, but it can certainly capture the essence of dozens of words.

Rehearse As You Go Along Read in short segments, all the while thinking about and paraphrasing the meaning of what is written.

Operate Within Your Attention Span Paying attention is central to memorization. Since most people have short attention spans, one should not try to read dense material for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

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