How to Handle the GATE 2022 Exam Pressure  

How to Crack LPUNEST 2022?

Select a limited number of books and start your preparation. It is often found, that candidates buy many books and get confused about where to start.

Practice a habit of noting down important points and formulas. In a manner that a glance at it will help in recalling the related topic.

Make a routine and stick to it. Also, breaks at regular intervals are recommended.

Try to solve as many questions as possible. Consult the previous year's question paper and appear for mock tests.

Practice solving the question paper within the time limit. It will help in exams. Additionally, this will also enhance the accuracy.

Don’t panic in case of low scores in the mock tests. Instead, concentrate on building and strengthening the knowledge base such that slowly confidence is gained back.

Do not skip any topic. Give equal attention to the syllabus with less weightage. If it does not come for the examination, it will, however, increase the knowledge.

Don’t neglect English, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning as these sections are scoring and add to the overall score in the exam.

When the exam is just 1-2 months away, don’t start reading new chapters, topics, or books. Stick to what you have and strengthen it.

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