How a law degree gives you option

1. Criminal Lawyer Criminal lawyers are responsible for representing their clients in court for criminal cases. They present cases in the court for their client in the local court, High Court, or the Supreme Court.

2. Corporate Lawyer Corporate lawyers help companies in complying with the rules and regulations of their industry. They are responsible for assisting their client with all the legal processes related to a company’s formation and management

Judicial Service A judge presides over court proceedings. They give the final verdict on a case after hearing arguments from both sides and evaluating the legal situation of the case. Judicial services are among the most respected careers in India. 

Legal Journalist If you have a knack for writing, then you can pursue a career in legal journalism. Legal journalists attend court hearings and report the facts directly. They write articles for publications that could be online as well as offline.

Legal Analyst Legal analysts are responsible for researching and reviewing legal issues while making recommendations on the same. They assist legal teams and lawyers in performing research, gathering evidence, preparing legal documents, and performing various tasks to help the lawyers perform their duties.

Civil Lawyer Civil lawyers handle non-criminal litigation, but their duties are the same as criminal lawyers. Civil lawyers take over the litigation once a defendant hires them. 

Legal Advisor One of the most career options in law is legal advisor. As a legal advisor, you’d be responsible for advising your client on legal issues, preventing litigation, and taking care of contractual and regulatory problems. 

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