Getting Through the MBA Waitlist – A Guide 

Staying patient and accepting your admission status is crucial for planning and working on getting off the MBA waitlist.

Analyze the Gaps in Your Application -  It is important to understand the gaps in your application so that they can be addressed well in time.

Study the Past Acceptance Rate and Yield Data -  Check out the acceptance rate and yield for business schools you are interested in.

Convey Your Acceptance -  Once you have decided to wait for the waitlist to get clear, it must be conveyed to the admission committee without any delay.

Go Through the Guidelines For Waitlisted Candidates -  If the business school has mentioned any guidelines for the waitlisted candidates, make sure to follow them.

Strengthen Your Profile -  You must work on improving your profile by focusing on the weak areas.

Communicate Your Achievements to the Admission Committee -  Any significant addition to your application must periodically be communicated to the admission committee.

Patience and Focused Effort are the Keys to Getting Off the Waitlist -  Staying patient and focusing your efforts to truly enrich the application is the key to getting through the waitlist.

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