College vs University: What’s the Difference?

A College is a learning institution which offers degree and diploma courses to its students. A University is a higher education and research centre, which offers and award degree and diploma to its learners.

 The scope of a college is limited as compared to a university because there are many colleges affiliated to a single university.

College does not offer research program to its students, but, the University offers the same.

Colleges are either affiliated to a university, or they are an autonomous body. Conversely, Universities do not require affiliation from another university

 The College offers courses, only in specific areas. On the other hand, the University offers a blend of courses and programs which are not limited to a specific area.

 The chief of a college is known as a Dean or Director while the chief of the University is known as Vice-Chancellor.

The college has a limited number of seats and that is the reason, there are less number of students enrolled as compared to a university.

 The university has a giant campus because it is built in a huge area, whereas college is not having such large campus.

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