Career Tips For How To Build Career In Counselling. 

Career counselling is one of the emerging career paths in India. Earlier, the problem was of lack of career options for individuals, but now, the problem is not lack of options, but the awareness of the most suitable one.

The career counselling or career guidance process involves individuals exploring various career options, understanding more about the opportunities, and analysing the career prospects.

Get certified

A valid certification adds credibility to your profile as a career counsellor and gives you a 360 picture of the emerging careers and latest trends in the careers.

Pick a niche

While starting a business in career counselling, you must be aware of the fact that counselling is a vast field and there are several factors to be considered. 

Build a network

The success of any business depends on how well you build your network, be it online or offline. Starting up a business is a feat in itself but another one biggie you still have to focus on is your networking skills.

Keep yourself updated

One of the most significant aspects of becoming a career counselor is to keep up with the latest industry trends and merging careers 

Establish your own brand or partner with a career counselling institute.

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