Beginners Guide to GMAT Reading Comprehension

Read on for the structure and objective on GMAT RC - Understand the structure of the author’s overall argument, and WHY the author has written each part of the passage.

Ignore the Details of GMAT Reading Comprehension -  If you’re trying to memorize all of the facts in a passage, you’re both wasting your time and missing the point of Reading Comprehension.

Join the GMAT reading passage -  If you’re not awake, engaged, and conscious ALL of the time when you do RC, you’ll miss something important. 

Taking on the GMAT RC -  If you’re going to take notes, make sure that they’re rooted in the big picture of the RC passage. 

No skimming, no gimmicks on the GMAT RC -  You don't have to understand every single detail, but skipping random pieces of the passage definitely won’t help.

Stick with the Official GMAT RC Passage -  On GMAT Reading Comprehension, official passages are loaded with subtle little twists of language, and your task is to get used to catching those subtleties.

Improving Your Fundamental GMAT Reading Skills -  You can follow every GMAT test-prep guru in the world and execute on every strategy that we have to offer. 

Extra hope on the GMAT RC for non-native speakers! -  If you haven’t been exposed to many GMAT-style texts in English, you probably have some room to improve relatively quickly.

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