BA Mathematics vs B.Sc Mathematics - Which Is Better? 

B.Sc in Mathematics and BA in Mathematics are the two undergraduate courses that allow a maths enthusiast to kick-start their career in this field with a plethora of knowledge and opportunities. Through this article, an aspirant can understand the key differences between BA Mathematics and B.Sc Mathematics and make wise decisions.

BA in Mathematics, this course deals with the humanities and art aspect of mathematics. On the other hand, B.Sc in Mathematics allows students to focus on the scientific approach of mathematics.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics is a 3-year program offered at many universities and institutions of India. A student can learn and understand humanities subjects like Political science and economics and a deep insight into the fundamentals of mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is also a three-year-long course and is available at top universities of India. However, this course is inclined towards the scientific aspect of mathematics. During the course, a student inculcates knowledge of subjects like physics and chemistry, and mathematics as the core.

BA Mathematics - Eligibility - A student must score a minimum of 50% in the 12th examinations with mathematics as a compulsory subject. Usually, take admission based on Merit, i.e., the score obtained in the class 12 board examination. However, some big universities take an institute level entrance examination to test the required aptitude of the college.

B.Sc Mathematics - Eligibility - for B.Sc Mathematics, a student should have 55% in their 10+2 examination with physics, chemistry and mathematics as the compulsory subjects. The admission takes place either on a merit or entrance examination basis, as may be with the university. 

BA Mathematics Benefits - Choosing this course will allow a student to understand the three pillars of mathematics- Algebra, Statistics and Analytics, in-depth and earn specialised knowledge. If one plans to establish a career in areas like Big Data, then a BA in Mathematics will be the most suitable start for this career. 

BSc Mathematics Benefits - This course allows students to acquire specialized knowledge and expertise in the principles and fundamentals of mathematics such as discrete mathematics and its applications and mechanics. Career opportunities and scope can be found under government and private sector industries like finance, insurance, risk management and research. 

Towards the end, we can say that both the courses allow a student to understand the vast universe of mathematics and gain specialised knowledge. 

BA in Mathematics and B.Sc in Mathematics are both undergraduate degree in mathematics and provide only with the basis of the universe of mathematics. There are plenty of higher education courses available for the students to dwell-deeper into their favourite subject: 

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