Avoid These Mistakes While Studying For Board Exams

Studying continuously for long  hours -  When you study continuously, your mind stops working after a while. Study for at least 8 to 12 hours daily, but make sure you take gaps in between.

Too much dependence on teachers -  If you want to score well in the exam, you should take the responsibility to ensure that you truly understand the material.

No early preparation -  Preparing for board exams often takes more time than you think, so it is better to get started early.

Last-minute mugging up -  This is a wrong mindset. Mugging up during the last minute leads to a lot of confusion while writing the exam.

Studying without a plan -  One of the common mistakes students commit is they will start studying without knowing what are their priorities.

Assuming that learning is fast -  With the limited time you have to prepare for your board exam, it would be nice if learning new things were a quick process.

Not leaving enough time to study -  With the large scope of knowledge you need to commit to memory, it is likely you will underestimate the amount of time it will take to learn all the material.

Wasting time reinforcing your strengths -  It is a common error to believe you know more than you do; this mistake arises from ignorance rather than arrogance.

Using passive study strategies -  The most common method of studying for the boards is reading, reinforcing your knowledge through repeatedly reminding yourself of the information you have to remember.

Not testing yourself on the material -  Dozens of studies show that you will recall 50% more of learned information by testing yourself than by using the same amount of time to study.

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