Ace The Essay Writing Section In The CSE Mains Exam

Make sure that you select a topic you have enough information about so that you don’t run out of content while writing your essay. You must know that your essay must at least have 1000-1200 words. Choose a topic where you have enough insights to include in the essay.

Take time to think before you start: Do not make hasty decisions. Once you have selected your topic, you should not begin writing right away. Give yourself some time to think and ponder over the topic that you have to start writing. 

Make a framework/blueprint of your essay: To avoid the kind of mistakes mentioned in the last point, it is always suggested that you make a blueprint of your essay in your mind first. This will ensure that you do not forget any point and cover the topic as comprehensively as possible. 

Try to maintain a balance in every topic: There might be times when the topics given to you are very provocative or suggestive. Do not go on praising or hating a subject. The examiner expects you to think like an IAS officer and not a journalist. 

Do not get Personal: It is never a good idea to resort to name-calling. Avoid taking names of any ministers, blaming, or supporting any parties or individual. You are expected to think like an officer, not a common citizen. 

Add Quotes: If you are using quotes in your essay, make sure that you are using the right quote with the right author. If you don’t remember what the quote exactly was, do not write it in inverted commas. Only put a quote in inverted commas if you remember it precisely. 

Don’t beat around the bush: The trick that might have saved you in school and university exams won’t be of any use in the CSE exam. Writing irrelevant information just to reach the word limit and fill up pages will give a very bad impression and will not fetch you any marks. 

Don’t just criticize, give possible solutions: You are writing an exam to become an IAS officer who is expected to work for the welfare of the country and its people. Just criticizing the government or anything in this case, without providing a relevant solution will just show your lack of thinking. 

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