7 top benefits of an MBA Internship program

The importance of MBA internships cannot be overstressed. Interning while studying boosts your profile and career prospects after graduation. 

Expansion of experience and knowledge

It is the best way to learn new skills without getting formally associated with an organisation.

Preview of roles and job profiles

It is the best way to gain an insight and first-hand experience. You can work in areas of your interest and see what work profile you may get later on in that role.

Network expansion

Networking is the key to success in today’s world. Added exposures of internships expand your network and you stand to benefit from knowing more professionals in your field.


Internships are generally paid, even if it is a small amount. It is often enough to meet the travel and pocket expenses of young students, making it easier for them to commute.

Transitions into job

Very often great performing interns are offered a job at the organization, which is an achievement in itself. This might happen at the end of an internship or some time later on when openings occur.

Helps you choose between careers

In case you are in two minds about different work profiles an internship with both will help you make a quick and good career decision.

Development of skills

You tend to learn as you practice and interns are taught quite patiently by their mentors as compared to fresh entrants in the corporate world.

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