5 Best Things To-do At IIM Bangalore

Library Tour: Visit the Library The colorful interiors and lavish furnishings of the library are a sight to behold. While Hardcover HBR Magazines Might Attract You

Relaxing on the Bench: There are more than 15 benches inside the premises, away from the crowds. These are the best places to sit and relax. Observe birds, flowers, trees, the orange night sky, and the occasional stars.

Walking in the Forest Path: The best time is early morning. A walk in the woods is a refreshing way to clear the mind. The serene streets are well lit, and Chai is your best companion for night walks.

Cycling Around: Cycling with friends around campus on lazy weekends is fun. Explore the park's swings and slides. Fresh coconut water from the Ethics store helps with the moving process when cycling.

Take Advantage of Sports Facilities:  Sports infrastructure on campus is impressive. Whether it's Yoga, Zumba, swimming, or badminton, this sports complex is just a moment away from you.

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