12 New Words Added to the Dictionary in 2022

"Sharent" -  You might not know what the word “sharent” means, but you definitely know a sharent. According to Dictionary.com, this word is used to describe a parent who frequently uses social media to share photos or other details about their child. 

"Puggle" -  This is a word that just sounds funny. While you might know a “puggle” as a cross between a pug and beagle, it is also a baby platypus, per a new definition recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary. 

"Techlash" -  Similar to a backlash, a techlash is not a good thing. According to Dictionary.com, it’s a “strong negative reaction or backlash against the largest technology companies, or their employees or products. 

"Nothingburger" -  Add “nothingburger” to the list of words that look and sound silly. Calling something a nothingburger is a simple way to say it’s irrelevant. According to Dictionary.com, it’s “an often highly publicized event or situation that is said to have less impact or significance than expected.”  

"Amirite" -  We love when a slang word makes it into the dictionary—and that’s totally the case with “amirite.” According to Dictionary.com, it’s an “informal variant spelling of the phrase ‘am I right’ used to elicit agreement or solidarity at the end of an observation, or used facetiously to undermine or mock the preceding observation. 

"Farmhousey" -  Have you ever visited a space that has some farmhouse characteristics, but that couldn’t be described as a proper farmhouse? Then “farmhousey” is the word for you. 

"Beardo" -  Participating in No-Shave November might earn you this moniker. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “beardo” is “a nickname for a person who has a beard. 

"GOAT" -  Kids have been using this slang term for years, but 2020 was the first time it’s been recognized as an actual word. According to Dictionary.com, the acronym stands for “greatest of all time.” 

"Awesomesauce" -  If something really great happens and you want a silly-sounding way to call it out, you can say it’s awesomesauce. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word means, “extremely good; excellent.” 

"Man hug" -  There are side hugs and bear hugs, and now there are man hugs. According to the Oxford English Dictionaries, these are “a friendly embrace between two men, often accompanied by a handshake, a clap on the back, etc. 

"Zoom" -  Sure, the word “zoom” has been around for a while, but not in the context of online video chats. In 2020, the verb was added to the dictionary. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is an intransitive and transitive verb that means “to communicate with over the internet, typically by video-chatting, using the Zoom application.” 

"Shticks" -  This is another word we’d argue just looks funny. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means “Employing or characterized by shticks or gimmicks, especially to an excessive degree; gimmicky, contrived.” 

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