10 Tips on How to Enjoy College and Prepare for Your Career 

Enjoy the day

The day has 24 hours. You only need 8 hours to sleep, which leaves you with 16 hours left for other activities. 

If you're going to study abroad in a new city, make sure you know it - plan cafes, parks, and events in different parts of the city with your new friends so that you'll be able to enjoy every aspect of your new home. enjoy the thing. 

Start continuously evaluating your growth

Start noticing personal growth. When you are no longer growing or when you find a new opportunity you can grow with. 

Learn new skills online

As we all know, universities only give you the basics, and learning a new skill can implement what you learn in the classroom. 

Create a LinkedIn profile

And keep it updated to better connect with your industry’s experts and companies. 

Connect with your coolest and most insightful professors

Try to learn all you can from them, especially if you’re interested in the subject and the teacher is approachable. 

Build your own thing

Whatever it is, it doesn’t need to be profitable. It can be a blog or an event, but just something to experiment with all of the aspects of having something built by you. 

Book your place

Book your bedroom, apartment, or studio with Uniplaces and live with people from different countries. 

Travel and connect

Spend the minimum amount of money possible to be able to travel to more places and to feel the country’s culture more intensely. 

Consider learning even little programming basics

Even if you’re not a developer, learn at least the basics of programming languages. Every industry’s future will be digital so learning a little will give you more knowledge. 

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