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10 Easy Ways to Learn Math Formulae

It's always better to familiarize yourself with the formula beforehand - before your teacher or teacher starts a math lesson or a particular chapter, it's a beneficial idea to read the topics covered in your book that should be taught in class. It is not necessary to learn all the formulas you come across. Even if you go through the chapter in 5 to 10 minutes, you will become a little familiar with the material taught to you in class.

Practice! Practice! Practice! - This is the tip everybody will tell you. It is an obvious point. There is no substitute for practice. There is no better answer to the question of how to remember formulas. If you practice more, you will remember more! Also, the more you practice problem-solving using a particular formula, the more likely you understand the formula, which will make you remember it naturally.

Create a chart of mathematical symbols for your convenience - You will come to discover a wide range of symbols in Mathematics. Most formulas in Math involve Greek letters and special symbols such as a caret “^”. When you learn a new language, you will probably create a list of all the new vocabulary that you come across while learning in an attempt to further understand and memorize them and become familiar with them.

Try to use different channels to learn math formulas - Try to break the monotony of pen and paper and try using different channels to study the formulas. Writing down the formula on flashcards can help you memorize the formulas. Other methods that can be very helpful in memorizing different formulas are saying them out loud, speaking to a teacher, tutor, or friend, and watching interactive online videos that try explaining the formulas with graphics and pictures.

Use a variety of memory techniques - Most students can learn words, numbers, symbols, and lists of objects that are not related. It just involves using the right memory techniques. The same technique can be applied to learning math formulas. A very common approach is to build a story around the things you are trying to learn. A series of stories can also help to remember things in a particular series.

Try to understand the formula before memorizing it - In higher grade exams, the students may be provided with a formula sheet to help them solve the different problems. Many students don’t see the point in memorizing them, which is the biggest mistake a student commits. This can lead to them using wrong formulas for questions, which will lead to wrong answers and fewer marks.

Get plenty of sleep and rest - Sleep and rest are the keys to remembering things. Lasting memories are formed every night you sleep. During this deep sleep phase, everything we learn during the day is processed by the brain. During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, we rehearse and consolidate all of the new skills we learn. Avoid getting up late the night before the exam and trying to study everything.

Lead a healthy lifestyle - Try to incorporate some exercise every day into your routine. Exercising is a healthy method to increase the oxygen flow to your brain, which will help in learning. Being fit and healthy also makes you stress-free.

Try to stay away from distractions - When you are learning or memorizing, your total concentration should be on that. Try to stay away from electronic gadgets and the internet when you are studying. Set a routine and follow that judiciously. And don’t forget to take breaks in between studying.  

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