WBUT Solved Question Papers CS Report Writing

WBUT Solved Question Papers CS Report Writing




1- You are the Sports Secretary of your college. Write a report for your college magazine on the recent victory of your college in the inter college cricket tournament, organized by your college. Your report should not exceed 200 words.

[WBUT 2001 ]


As a Sports Secretary of our college it is indeed a pleasure for me to write this, short report on the spectacular performance of the cricket team of our college in the inter college cricket tournament, organized by our college. Our college was victorious and the beautiful shield along with cash awards to the wining team brought a lot of honors to the college, its teachers, sports instructors, staff, students and not the least to the administration.

The captain of our team really proved his mettle in all the matches as a good and competent leader. He is an all rounder but his intelligent way of handling his team gave the team this success. The team effort no doubt brought the laurels to the college but the way of handling the situations in the ground was fantastic. His bowlers gave him full support and the quick change over flabbergasted the opponents most of the time. The batting pairs created good partnership wherever required and the captain himself stood firm in most of the occasions. The students and teachers cheered them in every game and that really acted as a booster dose. The school authorities declared a holiday on the following day of the final match and agreed to felicitate all who were involved in this victory at a convenient date later on.

I express my gratitude to all on this special fete and three cheer to all of you.

  1. A workshop was held in your college for improving your communicative skills in English. Prepare a report on the workshop for submission to the Principal of your college.                                                                                                                [WBUT 2003]


Workshop for improving our Communicative Skills in English A report: To the Principal of our College.

A very nice and informative workshop was held in our college for improving our communicative skills in English. This was mainly organized for the benefits of the senior students of our college who would be passing out shortly and will have to face a campus interview for selection in new jobs in different companies.

All the students gathered in front of our Auditorium and gradually took their seats as organized by the faculty. The guest speakers were ushered into the podium table by the faculties and were introduced to all the students. The guest speakers started expressing
their views over microphone, that what are the salient features a student has to face in a

campus interview and later on in the call interviews of different organizations.

They specifically highlighted the importance of improving one’s communicative skills in

English as because it is the commonest language which is used throughout the world nowadays.

They invited students to pose any questions which were in their mind through the

cordless microphone which was circulated throughout the hall for everyone to express his

views and thoughts in this regard and interact with the speakers in English for their own benefit for the future.

The short coming and lacunas which prevailed amongst the students in expressing themselves in English was widely discussed and clarified.

It was a wonderfully organized workshop and the students definitely developed a confidence in themselves for improving their communicative skills in English.

  1. Write a letter report to the Editor of a local newspaper expressing your views against ragging and urging more stringent measures to stop this menace with reference to a recent tragic death.                                                                                                                [WBUT 2004]


To                                                                                                                            Date: 12.12.10

The Editor,

The Statesman,

Chowranghee Square                                                  .


Sub: Ragging — a menace

Dear Sir,

I am deeply hurt after going through the news in the dailies that a student had a tragic death recently because of ragging.

The perception of raging of fresher’s has been common since long but presently what we are noticing through media news is that in many cases it is becoming very violent ultimately ending in some mishap or tragic death or a suicide.

Ragging, in its true sense is prevalent in the Defense services also wherein the Fresher are teased and taunted by the seniors ultimately ending up in a good friendship mode of introduction of the fresher to the seniors and then laving a joint gala dinner together.

But nowadays it appears that some of the seniors enjoy by torturing fresher in a virulent way which is not congenial for the ultimate fellow feeling and friendships, which all of them have to develop in the institution for a better cause and create jewel students of the future.

I would suggest that you should percolate through your media some stringent measures formulated by the administrative authorities of the institutions.

Anyone found engaged in mischievous acts with the fresher have got to be punished in such a way that he would remember the same throughout his life – of course considering the fact that his future is not doomed by the act. It has to be a lesson to all the seniors for future, I hope you would appreciate my view point and do the needful.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully, Sarabjit Mondal

  1. You are the General Secretary of the Students’ Union of your college. Your Principal has requested you to investigate the library facilities in your coliege and submit a report to her                                                                                                              [WBUT 2005]



A Report of a Survey On The Library FacOities of ACFIT

Prepared For The Principal By

Sreemoyee Mukherjee General Secretary, Students’ Union

Introduction­— Importance of a library in an educational institute – The objectives of the survey Findings-________________________

Types o f Books No. of Books No. o f Copies/book Conditions o f Books


—         Catalogue maintenance.

Conclusion and Suggestions­

*               The conditions Of the library*

*               Conditions of the books.

  • Excess/Shortage of books*

*               Library staff.

  • A few suggestions to improve the condition of the library.
  1. Your company is considering a proposal to establish a new factory in a town nearby. The Managing Director has asked you to submit a report on the suitability of the place. Write a report explaining the advantages and disadvantages of this location.                                                                                                              [WBUT 2005]

Answer:                                                    ___________________________


A Report of a Survey On The Facilities Available in _<name of town>

Prepared For The Managing Director By

Sreejon Mukherjee _______________ Field Inspector_________________

Introduction –

  • A short description of the town
  • The objectives of the survey Findings –
  • Type of land
  • Construction cost
  • Raw materials                               ,
  • Labour
  • Transport facilities
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Climate
  • Construction
  • Education facilities
  • Security
  • Communication facilities
  • Electronic facilities                                    .

Conclusion and Suggestions­

*               The advantages of establishing the factory in the town.

  • The disadvantages of establishing the factory in the town,
  • Special conditions (if any)*

  1. Workwell Industries Limited has observed that a sizeable number of employees take leave on certain occasions such as mega music event, test cricket matches, and international film festivals. You as the Vice-President, Personnel, feel that this hampers the smooth functioning of the industry and tells upon the efficiency of the organization. Appealing to the Divisional Heads of your organization to take suitable action to prevent such mass absenteeism, draft a memo and mark a copy of the same to your Managing Director.                                                                                                                 [WBUT 2006]



To: AH Divisional Heads                                                                         From: M.K. Dulta

(Vice President Personnel)

Sub: Mass Absenteeism in the workplace The attendance records of the last few years show that a sizable number of employees take leave during events like cricket matches, music concerts, and international film festivals. This has an adverse effect on the work culture and discipline of the organization. A decline in the quality of production and productivity is also deserved during this time. Kindly take suitable action, to put an end to mass absenteeism.

Copy to: Mr. R. Banerjee                                                                             M. K Dutta

(CEO) ,                                                                           (Vice President, Personnel)

M°dern Consultancy Services, Dalhousie Lane, New Delhi – 110 001, propose to run a two-week training programme in Professional Communication for their *s the. Director of Training, you have been asked to examine the

thiS Pr°9rammee Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, during the ensuing vocation and to submit a report to the Personnel Manager of the company. Write an outline for this report.                                                                                                               [WBUT 20081

Answer:                                                                                                                             J

The Personnel Manager Modem Consultancy Service 24/A, Dalhousie Lane New Delhi-110001 18th April 2008

5m*; Training programme for the engineers of Modern Consultancy Services

Dear Sir

I would like to express my gratitude for your courtesy and support, when I met

you at your office on 11 April 2008* I have prepared a proposal for the 2-weeks training

program for 20 of your engineers, in the field of Professional Communication., as

discussed previously. I herewith enclose a copy of the proposal, for your kind consideration.                                                                                                                          *

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully R C Mukhrjee

ci a a i                                                                                                                   (Director of Training)

Enclose: As Above


BUSINESS COMMUNICATION No* of Participants     : 20

4th June 2008 18th June 2008

Indian Institute of Technology (IIM), Ahmadabad,

The participants would have full access to the library and the computer room of the institute.

Methods of Training:

  • Class Lectures

*                Group Discussions

*                Case Studies

  • Industi^ Visit Faculty:

The faculty includes IIM Professors, Business Professionals and Corporate Executives Cost: Rs 102000, inclusive of-

  • Course fees

Terms of Payment: 50% of the above amount is to be paid in advance, and the rest on the last day of the programme.

Validity: The above proposal will be valid for your acceptance till 28th April, as we need ample time for air ticket and hotel booking.

Programme Schedule: A schedule of the above programme will be immediately after your approval.

  1. Assume that your organisation have been outsourcing the recruitment and training division to a different institution and spending about Rs. 5,00,000 per annum on recruitment and in house training. Now the organization has decided to have its own training and placement cell to cater to all its needs. As the Office Manager, write a letter report highlighting on the advantages of having an in-house recruitment training cell. Invent necessary details.                                                                                                 ‘      [WBUT 2010] Answer:

CIRCULAR NO: 04235                                                                                                                APRIL 25, 2011

To all Employees

As you are aware that at birth in the year 1996, the Company concentrated on S&T, Design, Engineering, manufacturing, production and marketing and functions like recruitment and Employees’ training were outsourced to M/S XYZ Consultants Ltd. The Consultant used to charge us based on the volume of work done by them and the company was happy with such arrangement.

Since the year 2003, the Company tor the first time installed a Personnel and Administration department at the head office as the number of permanent employees rose to 455. It was considered essential for us to maintain documents necessary for compliance of Labour legislation. Since the year 2004, necessity was felt to integrate the HRD function with P&A department as above. It was worked out that in-house HRD activities including recruitment, selection and training will attract an additional establishment cost up to Rs.3.2 lakh per annum. Again our own HRD personnel will be able to do the following functions:

—          Man power planning

—          Man power forecasting

—          Recruitment, Selection, Induction

—          Training

In competitive economy manpower forecasting and training would be a continuous process for survival. Own HRD department will be able to assess the training need of every individual employees. This will enable us to design our own training schemes. This will improve Human quality in our Organization

I would therefore request all concerned to co-operate with this new department.

(Debiprasad Roy Sharma)


  1. The District Collector is concerned about the rapid increase in the number of road accidents in Kolkata. The Chairman, Municipal Corporation, Kolkata, has been asked to submit a report investigating on that. Give the causes and suggest measures to improve the situation. Prepare a manuscript report on this.

[WBUT 2011]



A Report of a Survey On

Road Accidents in Kolkata



The District Collector


Sutapa Karmakar Chairman, Kolkata Municipal Corporation


—          Importance of road safety

—          Dangers of reckless driving and unnecessary speeding

—          The objectives of the survey


Year 2009 12010 raon
Types of Accidents
No* of Injured Persons
No. of Casualties


Conclusion and Suggestions­— Accident-prone areas of Kolkata

—          Conditions of the roads

—          Common cases of accidents

—          Traffic control in different areas

—          A few suggestions to curb the problem.

  1. You are the Secretary of the Student’s Council of your college. You have decided to organize a meeting on 14th December, 2011 at the college common room. Prepare an agenda of four issues that need to be discussed at the meeting.

[WBUT 2011]


St. Michael’s Engineering College 6/A Park Street, Kolkata-700016 Agenda for the second meeting of the Students’ Council to be held at 2.30 p.m, in the

college common room on 14th December, 2011

Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting Installation of water coolers

Purchase of furnitures for the common room Purchase of sports equipments

Repair of broken wash basins in the girls’ toilet Date for the next meeting

Prerona Sen (Secretary, Students’ Council).

    Accommodation in air-conditioned rooms on a twin sharing basis, in Patel’s Inn.

Air tare (to and fro from Delhi-Ahmadabad in economy class)

  • Transportation related to the project.

Personal expenditure is not included.

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