WBUT Question Papers IT English Language And Communication B Tech Sem Ist Dec 2008

WBUT Question Papers IT

 English Language And Communication B Tech Sem Ist Dec 2008

I Full Marks : 70

Answer all questions.

GROUP – A (Multiple Choice Type Questions)

1. A. Choose the correct alternatives for the following :

1) The tone of a circular and notice is in the form of











Diagonal channels flow in a) upward direction         b)

c) in all directions                          d)

The tone of a’sales letter should be

£0 persuasive                                b)

c) harsh                                         d)

Which one should be used while writing a Precis ?

a) Redundancy    b) Wordiness

c) Passive voice      d) Conciseness.

Visual part of Non-verbal Communication constitutes a) 7% b) 25%

c) 38%           < d) 55%.

Letter of transmittal is a part of

a) Letter             b) Memorandum

c) Software user manual d) Report.

vli) ; That, which cannot be burnt is

t afr incombustible     b)  inaudible

c) indivisible        d)  inaccessible.

viii)         A report is ^

a) objective          b)  subjective

c) unexpressive       d)  ambiguous.

In each of the following sentences, a blank has been left to be filled by one of the four alternatives given below. Select the most appropriate one.

ix)             The mass of an object is .  of the quantity of matter that it


a)  a signal                b) a symptom

c) a deed                  d) an indication.

In the long run an Increase in number of vehicles causes oil consumption to rise faster than oil production resulting in the       oil supplies.

a)     shrinking    b) depleting

c)   squeezing   d) freezing.




GROUP – B                                      ,

Insert appropriate prepositions :

a)               People said she died…. cholera.

b)               The apple is sweet…. taste.

c)               Fortune smiled ……… ..him.

d)               Don’t loiter…… the corridor.

• ‘ • • – . .■ ■ ‘ *

e)               The cat sprang …..             the table. /

Express the meaning of each phrasal verb with one meaningful sentence

a)       Run over   b) Take up

c)       Stand by   d) Call in

e) Bring out.






  1. Correct the grammatical errors :                         5×1

a)               My most favorite game is cricket.

b)               Despite of my qualification I could not get a job.

c)               I ran to downstairs and pick up the diaiy.

d)              The dinner was same as usual.

e)               Mr. Dey is angry upon his son.

  1. Do as directed :                             _           5×1

a)              We hope that we shall finish the work in time.    ( Change the voice )

b)              He said to his companions, “Let us not miss the chance”.

( Change the narration)

c)               He is unhappy, but he blames none for it…………. ( Begin with : In spite of                                        )

d)              Pay me, or I shall punish you.        ( Begin With : Unless )

e)               I am writing in reply to your letter, that I      two days ago.

( Fill in with : received / have received )


  1. a) Write a Job application and your Curriculum Vitae in response to the following

advertisement published on 30th November, 2008 in The Telegraph :

An internationally reputed company is looking for a software professional with 1st Class B.Tech. Degree and good management qualities. The candidate should have good communication skills and ability to work anywhere in India, if necessary, also abroad. Apply within 10 days to Box No. 2230, The Telegraph, Kolkata-700 001.


b)               Modem Consultancy Services, Dalhousle Lane, New Delhi – 110 001, propose to run a two-week training programme in Professional Communication for their Engineers. As the Director of Training, you have* been asked to examine the suitability of running this programme at the Indian Institute of Managmeent, Ahmedabad, during the ensuing vocation and to submit a report to the Personnel Manager of the company. Write an outline for this report.

CS/B.TECH/8BM-1/HU-101/08/(09),                                       6

  1. Read the foUowing passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

Petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene, home heating oil, residual fuel oil, and lubricating oils come from one source — crude oil found below the earth’s surface, as well as under large bodies of water, from a few hundred feet below the surface to as deep as 25,000 feet into the earth’s interior. Sometimes crude oil is secured by drilling a hole into the earth, but more dry holes are drilled than those producing oil. Either pressure at the source or pumping forces crude oil to the surface.

Crude oil wells flow at varying rates, from about ten to thousands of barrels per hour. Petroleum products are always measured in forty-two-gallon barrels.

Petroleum products vary greatly in physical appearance : thin, thick, transparent, or opaque, but regardless, their chemical composition is made up of only two elements.: carbon and hydrogen, which form compounds called hydrocarbons. Other chemical elements found in union with the hydrocarbons are few and are classified as impurities. Trace elements are also found, but in such minute quantities that they are disregarded. The combination of carbon and hydrogen forms many thousands of compounds which are possible because of the various positions and unions of these two atoms in the hydrocarbon melecule. ,

The various petroleum products are refined by heating crude oil and then condensing the vapours. These products are the so-called light oils, such as gasoline, kerofeene, and distillate oil. The residue remaining after the light oils are distilled, is known as heavy or residual fuel oil and is used mostly for burning under boilers. Additional complicated refining processes rearrange the chemical structure of the hydrocarbons to produce other products, some of which are^ used to upgrade and increase the octane rating of various types of gasoline. ,

b)              How is crude oil brought to the surface ?                                                                         3

c)              What are the principal components of all petroleum products ?                                     3

d)              What is heavy oil ?                                                                                                             2

liooi cs/iaf


e)              All of the following are listed as light oils except

i)                Distillate oil

ii)              Gasoline

iii)            Lubricating oil

iv)            Kerosene.

f)               The word ‘upgrade’ in the last line is closest in meaning to

i)                improve

ii)              counteract

iii)            charge

iv)            unite.

Write an essay on any one of the following topics :

a)               Global Warming

b)              The Uses and Abuses of Nuclear Energy

c)               Harvesting Rain Water.

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