WBUT Question Papers EE Software Engineering B Tech 6th Sem 2012

WBUT Question Papers EE

Software Engineering B Tech 6th Sem 2012


Time Allotted : 3 Hours

Full Mark

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable.

GROUP -A ? ( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

Choose the correct alternatives for the following :

10×1 = 10

i) Tracking the correspondence between the design component and the SRS is known as

a) Availability ,                        b) Traceability

c) Maintainability                    d) Reliability.

When the two bubbles are interconnected directly, it is referred as

a)              Serial DFD                      b) Direct DFD

c) Synchronous                       d) Balanced DFD.

iii) DFD balancing means

a} Balancing of weight of processes

b)              Must match the total number of bubbles

c)    Must match the data flow at the next level of DFD

d)             none of these.

iv) System Testing performed by a friendly set of customers is called

a)         Alpha Testing                  b) Beta Testing

c) Performance Testing d) Usability Testing.

V) Function Point describes

a)            The SRS document bj The test plans

c)         The functional decomposition

d)         The size of a software product directly from its specification.

vi)        The potential risks are best detected by

a)         Spiral Model                    b) Waterfall Model

c) Incremental Model d) Prototyping Model.

vii)      The most desirable form of cohesion is

a)   sequential cohesion    b) procedural cohesion

c)  coincidental cohesion d) ‘functional cohesion.

viii)    Software testing is the

a)         process of demonstrating that errors are not present

b)         process of establishing confidence that a program does what it is supposed to do

c)         process of executing a program to show that it is working as per specifications

d)         piocess of executing a program with the intent of finding errors.

ix)         The best type of coupling is

a)            Coincidental

b)            Logical

c)            Informational

d)           Functional.

x) Big Bank Integration testing is useful for projects with

a)            smaller number of modules

b)            large number of modules

c)            average number of modules

d)            None of these.

GROUP -B ( Short Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following.

b)           What is integration testing ? Explain with suitable example.       ,

c)  What is layered architecture ?

  1. 3.           a) What are the various classifications of failures ? Briefly
  2. explain it.

b)           Briefly explain the basic issues of Software Reuse.

c)           Define Software Quality.

( Turn over

  1. 4.          Draw the CFG of the following code segment and find

McCabe Cyclomatic complexity by applying all the methods.

test(int b.int c,int x)

{ .. b : = c + 5;

While(x ! = 1) { x = x -1;

If ( x = 7) x : = 8;

else test (x, 3, x – 1) ;

  1. 5.          What are cohesion and coupling ? Discuss different kinds of cohesion.       «                                                                   2 + 3

6- a) If a module has logical cohesion, what kind of coupling is this module likely to have with other modules ? Justify your answer.                            3

b)          Why is SRS document known as black box specification of a system ?

  1. 7. a) Define with examples the different categories of software development projects according to ,the COCOMO estimation model.                3

b)          The size of an organic type software system to be developed by SCV Consultancy Services has been estimated to be 200 KLOC. Determine the effort required to develop the software system.


( Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following.                                                                                                                                                                                            a) Explain Meta Model.

b)          A Library Membership Software (LMS) should support the following three options :

(i)           New member

(ii)         Renewal

(iii)        Cancel membership.

When the new member option is selected, the software should ask for the member s name, address and phone number. If proper information is entered, the software should create a membership record for the new member with membership id and print a bill for the annual membership charge and the security deposit payable. If the renewal option is chosen, the LMS should ask for the membership id. If the membership id is valid, then the membership expiry date in the membership record should be updated and the annual membership charge payable by f the member should be printed. If the membership id is not valid, an error message will be displayed. If the cancel membership option is selected, the system should ask for the membership id again. If the membership id is valid, then the membership cancellation process can be executed and a cheque for the balance amount due to the member is printed and membership record will be deleted.

c)           Explain unit testing, system testing and acceptance testing. 6Draw Decision Tree and also implement Decision Table for the system.                                                                                                           3

d)          What is coding standard ? What are the contents of coding header ?   2+1

  1. 9.                          a) Explain different types of ‘performance testing’.                          3

b)           Explain ‘equivalence class partitioning’ with an example.

c)           Differentiate between ‘code walkthrough’ and ‘code inspection’. 2

d)          A software product’s development cost is Rs. 50,000 and total size is 125 KLOC, During maintenance, to correct the errors, some coding portions has been deleted and that size is 15 KLOC. After correction, a new perfection module will be implemented and for this module extra 55 KLOC size of code has been added. Calculate the software product’s maintenance cost. 7

  1. 10. a) Who are the different categories of users of the SRS document ? What are their expectations from the SRS document ?                            5

b)           What are the advantages of SRS document ? What are ‘test data’ and ‘test vector ?

c)           What are the different types of team structure followed in software projects ? Discuss them briefly.                                                            5

  1. 11.        a) What are the differences between fault, failure and error ?                                                                                                      3

b)                Write a C function to find the maximum of three integer numbers. Now draw the control flow graph for that C function. Also find its cyclomatic complexity using possible methods.

c)                 Write down two differences between a structure chart and a flow chart.                                                                                                       2

d)                Distinguish between high-level and detailed designs. What documents should be produced on completion of high-level and detailed designs respectively ?

  1. 12.        a} Draw the context diagram and Level 1 DFD for the

following Mail Order Processing System.

“HMV Records is a mail-order company that distributes CDs and tapes at discount prices to record club members. When an order processing clerk receives an order form, he or she verifies that the sender is a club member by checking the member file. If the sender is not a member, the clerk returns the order along with a membership application form. If the customer is a member, the clerk verifies the order item data by checking thtf Item file. Then the clerk enters the order data and saves it to the Daily Order file. The clerk also prints an invoice and shipping list for each order, which are forwarded to order fulfilmentn.

b)                Explain when you use the PERT charts and when to use Gnatt charts, if you were to perform the duties of a project manager.                    2

c)                 How are the concepts of Cohesion and Coupling useful in arriving at good software design ?

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