WBUT Question Papers EC Internet Technology B Tech 8th Sem April 2009

WBUT  Question Papers EC

Internet Technology B Tech  8th Sem April 2009

Time : 3 Hears

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

Choose the correct alternative of che following :

i)           Tne port address uniquely Identifies

a) Process                b) Host

c) Server                 d) All of these.

Defat ill mask for 193,6.7.2 is

a) c) 255.255,255.0

Which mapping method is used to find a physical address given a logical

address ?

a) HTTP                 b) ARP

c) DNS                    d) RARP.

Which of following is shortcoming of RIP protocol ?

a)   Failure    b) Convergence

c) Authentication         d) All of these.

‘Which protocol is used to deliver vital network information to either chskies: computer or computers .1 1st boot ?






c) BOOT?



vi) Which protocol is designed to provide security at the transport layer ?

a)    IPSEC     b) SSL

c) Firewall               d) All of these,

vii)       WTiich port is used for control connection of FTP ?

a)   20                     b) 21

e) 80                     d) 6890,

viii)      The TELNET cLent converts the characters to which of the following form ?

a)         ASCII                     b) NUT

c)  UNICODE                   d) None of these.

ix)        SSL is located between ………….  and    … .

a)         transport, network

c)          data link, physical

x)          Firewall is a specialised form of a

a)          bridge

c)          . printer

b)           application, transport

d)           network, data link.

b)           disk

d)           router.

GROUP -B 1 Short Answer Type Qut^tluns )

Answer any three of the following,     3×5- 5

I. a) Illustrate with diagram the Firewall implementation.

b)  What is bit implementation of SSL

1. a) Wnat is “routing with partial information” ?

b)    What is Domain Name System ?                                            2 + 3

I. What is Subnet ?

An organization is granted the block The administrator wants to ere te 1024 subnets. Design the subnets ( that include subnet mask, number of studer.s, no. of hosts in each subnet, first and last address in each subnet).                                    5

). Explain what you mean by anonymous FTP.

Explain the reasons for the delayed delivery of an e-mail by SMTP.  5

Dc-iim- the drawback of RARP.

Stale how you can overcome from this by bootstrap protocol ( BOOT? ).

GROUP -C ( Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three questions.            3×15=4

  1. a) Give the differences between directed broadcast & limited broadcast

b)          What is Multicast addressing ?

c)    TCP/IP provides a connectionless and reliable transport service”    Explain.

d)          Give the format of an Internet datagram.              !

  1. a)  Discuss about routing in an internet.
  2. b)          Explain with example the Bellman-Ford Routing.        !
  3. c)           Discuss the autonomous system concept.                !

What is the purpose oi RIP ? What are the functions of a RiP message ? Why the expiration timer value is six times than that of the periodic timer value ? Lis’ RIP shortcomings and their corresponding fixes ?

A router has the following RIP routing table.

Netl           4             B

Net2           2             C        .

Net3           1             F

Net4           5             G

What would be the contents of the table if the router x’eceives the following RIP fi om router C.













2)             Why do OSPF meassages; propagate faster than RIP messages ?


10,      a) Is the size of ARP packet fixed ? Explain.              5

b)          What is multicast addressing ? Describe the worxing principle of transport Gateway.                                1-3

c)          What is the size of a question record contah 1 an IP address ?  2

d)          When does the DHCP server need to check the staii,. database for ai d t.s mapping ? What are the types of information can a client receive from a DHCP server when it is booted for the first time in a network ?                                    2 + 2

  1. Write short notes of any three of the following :        3 x 5

a)          FTP

b)          OSPF

c)          Frame Relay

d)         VPN

e)          TELNET.

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