WBUT Question Papers EC Industrial Management B Tech Fifth Sem June 2008

WBUT Question Papers EC

Industrial Management B Tech Fifth Sem June 2008


Time: 3 Hours)

[ Full Marks : 70

Graph sheet Is provided on Page 31.

GROUP-A (Multiple Choice Type Questions)

  1. 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Choose the correct alternatives for the following :                        10 x 1 = 10

1) Who is known as the father of Acbfninistrative Management ?

*0 F. W. Taylor           b) Elton Mayo

c) Henri Fayol      . d) Federlck Harbislon.

• ‘ * ‘ * • ‘ . . • – U) When authority flows from the top executives to the lower level of Employees, it is known as

a) Functional Organisation     b) Staff Organisation

c) Formal Organisation    d) Line organisation.

Hi) The Production which has definite beginning and definite end is known as


Project Production  b) Job Production

c) Batch Producion        d) Mass Production.


 Which one is not the elements of Marketing Mix ?


  Product    b) Price


 Place d)   Packing,


 EOQ means


 Excess Order Quantity    b)   Economic Order Quantity


 Exempted Order Quanntity d)   none of these.


vl) Which method of analysis Is used for determining Criticality of items ?

a)            VED Analysts ABC Analysis _    FSNAnalysis

d)             A combination of FSN and ABC Analysis. –

vii) Which one of the following is an exceptional Motivating factor ?


Punishment    y Promotion

ci Partirfpatinn             dj Increase in salaries.

vttl) Mechanisation of material handling increases

a)              output cost

b)              handling cost

c)              efficiency and economy in handling

d)              none of these.

tx) A budget that consists of a series of budgets for different level of activity is known as

si Fixed Budget            b) Flexible Budget

cj Master Budget          d) none of these.

^ Which one is not the component of working capital ?


 Closing inventory b) Sundry Debtors

cj Sundry Creditors       d) Investment.

GROUP-B C Short Answer; Type Qwittwi)

Answer any three of the following.

  1. 2.             a) Discuss briefly about three main principles of theory of bureaucracy,

b)               What is meant by differential piece rate system


  1. 3.              Name three different kinds of managerial skills. How much are they relevant at different levels of management ?                                                                                                           1+4
  2. 4.              Define Performance Appraisal. What are Its objectives ?                                     1+4
  3. 5.             Define Mass Production. Why Is It called series production ?                            4 + 1
  4. 6.              Derive graphically or equatlonally EOQ quantity with three major assumptions.  5

GROUP – C ( Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three questions.                                     3 x 15 « 45

  1. 7.             a) Write briefly about three basic phases of modem marketing concept.

b)              10 samples of 100 bolts are taken at random and the number of defectives In each sample are noted below :                                                                 __________________________________

Sample No. :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
No. qf defects : 18 12 6 15 2 20 14 10 8 6
Draw a p-chart for defective taking 3 o control limits.                                     5+10


  1. 8.             a) Differentiate between Consumers’ risk and Producers’ risk. Explain this by OC


b)              A manufacturer requires rivets at an approximately constant rate of 2500 kgs per year. The cost of rivets is Rs. 40 per kg. The Company’s Purchase manager estimates that the carrying cost of inventory is 10% per year. Procurement cost is Rs. 200 per order :                                                  ‘

D Determine EOQ.

U) How frequently should orders be placed ?

Hi) Calculate the total cost of Inventory.           7 + 8

  1. 9.             a) What. are. Quality Circles ? What benefit can an organization achieve by

organizing these circles ?

b)              Define Total Quality Management. What are the basic principles of which the concept is based ?                         7 + 8

  1. 10.        a) Discuss briefly the contribution made by ‘Fredrick Winslow Taylor* in the field of

Scientific Management.

b)              Define theory X and Theory V of motivation.         10 + 5

  1. 11.        a) Wiat Is Economic Order Quantity ? What is the Importance of EOQ In Inventory control ?

b)               Give the concepts of shortage cost, inventory cost and ordering cost. Give two examples of each.

c)              You have to supply your customers of 100 units of a certain product every Monday. You obtain the product from a local supplier of Rs. 60 per unit. The cost of ordering and transportation from the supplier are Rs. 150 per order, the cost of carrying Inventory is estimated at 15% per year of the cost of the product carried. Determine the lot size which will minimize the cost of the systems.


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