WBUT Previous Years Question Papers English Language And Technical Communication B Tech Ist Sem

WBUT Previous Years Question Papers

English Language And Technical Communication B Tech Ist Sem

Time Allotted : 3 Hours

FullMarts ; 70

The figures In the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable.

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

1. Choose the correct alternatives for the following : 10 x 1 = 10

i)              The antonym of ‘ruthless’ is

a) renovated                           b) mighty

c) merciful                              d) maximum.

ii)            The synonym of ‘rectify is

a) remedy                               b) avenge

c) noisy                                      d) defeat.

iji^ If 1…………… king, I would be he happiest man on earth.

a) was                                     b) were

c> am                                      d) be.r

iv)           I recommend that he……… at once.

a) apologize                            b) apologizes

c) apologized                           d) apologizing.

v)            The word ‘unintelligible’ means

a) not intelligent                     b) not reasonable

c) annoying                            d) not understood.

vi)          The single word for ‘A paper written by hand is

a) manuscript                          b) handbook

c) notebook                            d) script.

vii)        One living with the same time with another is

1 a) temporary                              b) contemporary

c) permanent                          d) none oi these.

viii)       The word impeccable’ means

a) questionable                       b) faultless

c) anno>jing                           d) pleasing.

ix)          In the long run an increase in number oi vehicles causes oil consumption to rise faster than oil production resulting in the        of oil supplies.

a) shrinking                           b) squeezing

c) depleting                             d) freezing.

x)           That which cannot be burnt is

a)            Incombustible    b) Indivisible

c)             Inaudible   d) Inaccessible.

GROUP -B ( Short Answer Type Questions )

2. Read the following passage and then answer the questions in your words.

As Nnaemeka walked home that, evening he turned over in his mind different ways of overcoming his father’s opposition, especially now that his father had gone and found a girl for him. He had thought of showing his letter to Nene but decided on second thoughts not to, at least for the moment. He read it again when he got home and couldn’t help smiling to himself. He remembered Ugove quite well; an Amazon of a girl who used to beat all the boys, himself included, on the way to the stream, a complete dunce at school.

I have found a girl who will suit you admirablv – Ugoye Nweke, the eldest daughter of our neighbour, Jacob Nweke. She has a proper Christian upbringing. When she stopped schooling some years ago, her father (a man of sound judgement) sent her to live in the house of a pastor where she has received all the training a good wife could need. Her Sunday school teacher has told me that she reads her Bible very fluently. I hope we shall begin negotiations when you come home in December.’

On the second evening of his return from Lagos Nnaemeka sat with his father under a cassia tree. This was the old man’s retreat when he went to read his Bible when the parching December sun had set and a fresh, reviving wind blew on the leaves.

‘Father,’ began Nnaemeka suddenly, ‘I have come to ask for forgiveness’.

‘Forgiveness ? For what, my son?’ he asked in amazement.

‘It’s about this marriage question?’

‘Which marriage question?’

I can’t……. we must – I mean it is impossible for me to marry

Nweke’s daughter.’

‘Impossible ? Why ?’ asked his father.

‘I don’t love her.’

‘Nobody said you did. Why should you?’ he asked.

‘Marriage today is different……….. ’

a)           What is the passage all about?

b)          Can you bring out the tension between the father and the son?

c)           Why does Nnaemeka not want to marry Ugoye Nweke ? Explain this with reference to the statement Marriage today is different….’

d)          How is Nnaemeka’s father’s description of Ugoye’s character different from Nnaemeka ?

e)           Can you guess the title and author of the story ?

f)            Write a precis from the given passage giving it a suitable title.

GROUP -C ( Long Answer Type 9uestions )

Answer any three of the following.

Insert appropriate prepositions :

i)          People said she died……………….. cholera.

ii)         Don’t loiter ………………. the corridor.

f •

iii)       The apple is sweet……………….. taste.

iv)       I am fed ……………..  with your habit of complaining.

v)         People say he has a passion…………………. arguing.

Correct the grammatical errors :                                   5×1

i)          My most favourite game is cricket.

ii)        Despite of my qualification I could not get a job.

iii)       The dinner was same as usual.

iv)       The Dean of Student Welfare met of the

representatives from the student union. %

v)         I have applied for a visa for the American Embassy.

c)              Do as directed :

1) Pay me, or 1 shall send you to jail. (Rewrite beginning with : Unless…………………………………. )

“) 1 am writing in reply to your ,eUer (hat (

received two days ago. (Rewrite beginning with:

I received …. ) ……  t

nil 1 feel bored and I went out for a walk. (Rewrite beginning with : Feeling……………. ) %

iv)        1 refuse to answer any of your questions (Rewrite beginning with: She said………………………………………. )

V) I strongly believe that privation is the only solution. (Rewrite beginning with:

Solution………… )

4. The District CoUector is concerned about the rapid increase

in the number of road accidents in Kolkata. The Chairman.

Municipal Corporation. Kolkata. has been asked to submit a

report investigating on that. Give the causes and suggest *

measures to improve the situation. Prepare a manuscript report on this.

  1. Write a job application and provide your Resume in response
  2. to the following advertisement on 6 October, 2009 in The

Telegraph :

An MNC has vacancy for the post of a Junior Manager, where the company would be recruiting an engineer with three years of experience. Apply within 10 days to ‘The Advertiser’, Box No. 8461, The Telegraph, Kolkata-700001.

  1. Do you leel that electronic means of communication is always advantageous over the traditional means ? Explain your answer with suitable examples.
  2. You are the Secretary of the Student’s Council of your college. You have decided to organise a meeting on 14th December, 2011 at the college common room. Prepare an agenda of four issues that need to be discussed at the % meeting.

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