WBUT Previous Years Question Papers EC Values And Ethics In Profession B Tech 8th Sem 2009

WBUT Previous Years Question Papers EC

 Values And Ethics In Profession B Tech 8th Sem 2009


Time : 3 Hours j     –

Full Marks ; 70

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

  1. Choose the correct■ alternatives for any ten of the following :      10×1 = 10
  2. i)   Engineers, as professionals command a special status in the society because

a)          they are skilled persons

b)          they are technically sound and getting good-pay-packet

c)          they arc potentially creators of good society and. good life

d)   morally and ethically they are superior to others. j j

ii)         Ethic,-3 is

a)          a normative science of conduct of a human be. ug

b)          not connected with growth of human being

c)          a step of materialistic world

d)   none ci” these,                                   j 1

iii)        Every success story is also

a)          a story of huge ancestral property

b)          a story of God blessing

c)          a story of great failure

d)          combination of all of these.    ‘              [~ j

iv)        Values and Ethics’ m profession is the result of

a)         good i iumai value

c)          good bank balance

b)            good professional skill

d)            gcjod university degree.

v)          Depletion of Natural Resources is due to

a) natural calamity       b) rapid technological growth

c) soil erosion           d) none of these.

vi)         Corporate Values don’t support

a)          life time employment

b)          devotion to customer

c)          only profit is the target

d)         environmentea development.

vii)       Human values ( causes of ethicality ) do not include

a]   contentment  b) vindictiveness

c)      forbearance  d) compassion.

viii)      Professoral   arise from

•,.) Waivivrltti                                            b) hridayvrirtis

c)          standard of consumption d) intellectual mind.

ixj Appropriate use to Technology coming from

a)  • psychological heart

b)          aggressive use of scientific development

c)          government policies        :

d)         corupetiiive economical development due co globalisation.

x)          Tne BART case in coauection with whistle blowing belongs to

b)            USA, New York

d)    ‘ India, Bay of Bengal,

xi)         Resource depletion is concerned with a

a)          finite and non-renewable resources

b)          finite arid renewable resources .

c)          infinite and non-renewable resources

d)         infinite and renewable resources.

.ai) Investment: in NAYACHAR at present depends on

a)         Central Government-recommendation

b)         eagerness of investor

c)          clearance of opponent political party

cl) environmental clearance.

GROUP – B ( Bn^rt Answer Type Questions )

. Answer any three of the following,     3 x 5 – 15

  1. Discuss the social and ethical responsibilities of Technologists.
  2. State the meaning of value spectrum of a good life.
  3. Highlight the conflicts between business demands and professional Ideals.
  4. How do you define Club of Rome ?

€. Define the uonccpti of Eco-friendly Technologies and Eco-Friendly Products



(Ixmg Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following.

  1. ‘Technology is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their wants and

needs.” Explain the statement. In this regard analyze the nature of technology as i science and knowledge. Critically judge E.F, Schumacher’s idea of “small is beautiful”.

5 + 5 + 5

  1. “What cic you chink about the elements should be of an ideal profession ? How do you ‘ rate “Whistle Blowing” in an ideal organizational practice ? Do you feel any need for le^al protection for \ /his tie blowers ? 4 -r 6 + 5
  2. Discuss the idea behind the concept “Not blind opposition co progress, but opposition to blind progress”, Discuss in this regard the relevance of “Human Centered . Technology” with special reference to.utilization of local resources.                       8 7 .:

I,          0.                           Define Technology Transfer. How do you think about the choice of technology .oi y developing countries in present world order ? Discuss Technology Assessment Imp aci Analysis.                            , . . ■                   3+6 – 0-.

  1. What do you mean by “Value Crisis” ? Discuss the various levels where the crisis io felt in contemporary Indian Society. Explain the concept of “code of eth c_’ toy” professionals.                3 fc + -t ‘

12. State the nature and extent of environmental degradation and depletion of natun 1 resources. What is the relevance of “Sustainable Development” to make a bid a if 3 between industrial development and resource utilization ?                                   8 + 7


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