WBUT Previous Year Question Papers CS English Language And Communication B Tech Sem One 2009-10

WBUT  Previous Year Question Papers

CS English Language And Communication B Tech Sem – 1 2009-10



Time Allotted : 3 Hours

The figures in the margin indicate Jull marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words

as far as practicable.

GROUP – A (Multiple Choice Type Questions )

  1. Choose the correct alternatives of the following :

10 x 1 = 10

1) The word condemn does not mean the same a) avoid           b) worship

c) hate                                        d) underrate.

11} The word incorrigible means

a)            someone who is correct

b)            someone who is not correct

c)             someone who cannot be corrected

d)            none of these.

ill) The word extravagant is the opposite of


Iv) The synonym of the word ‘Tyranny’ Is a) Misrule  b) Cruelty

c) Tension                                   d) Madness.

v)             The antonym of the word ‘Affluent’ is a) Prosperous     b) Poor c) Talkative d) Close.

vi)           The engineer along with the overseer visited the proposed       of the new project.

sO Site                                       b) Sight.

vii)         The artist painted on a

a) Canvas                                   b) Canvass.

viii)       He is too ……………………  to walk.

a) Strong                                    b) Weak

. c) Intelligent                               d) Honest.

ix)           He tried his best to bring ……………………….  the meaning of

the phrase.

a)                                                                                                in         b) off

c)                                                                                                 out       d) through.

x)             The word forsake means the same as

a)                                                                                                forgive  b) punish

c)                                                                                                 abandon          d) benefit.


GROUP -B ( Short Answer Type Questions)

Answer any three of the following. 3×5=15

  1. Insert appropriate preposition :

a)            They started …………………  five                      the evening.

b)            I shall look………………… your complaints.

c)             Mrs. Ghosh wants to talk……………………… you.

d)            She was fed…………………. with their complaints.

e)             Could you find a job…………………… Tom, too ?

  1. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Change only enough to do what you are asked and make a correct sentence. Do not alter the meaning. You have to make your sentence say the same thing in a different way :

a)            The apples are so costly that you cannot buy them.

Begin : The apples are too ………………………………..

b)            A sincere man is liked by all. ‘

Begin : All …………………………………

c)             His behavior surprised us.

Begin : We ……………………………….

d)            Clarence was too poor to pay her fees.

Begin : Clarence was so poor                                ;.. .

e)             Shimla is cooler than Dajeeling.

Begin : Darjeeling ………………………….

11001                                                3                                        [ Turn over

CS/B.Tech/SEM-1 /HU-101 /2009-10

  1. Correct the grammatical errors :

a)            She has gone to college last Wednesday.

b)            The little girl is in the bed.

c)            Taniya is the taller girl in class.

d)            I refuse to answer the question.

e)             I have applied for admission in an European university.

_ ” • *

  1. Express the meaning of each phrasal verb with one meaningful sentence :

a)             Pull-up

b)             Let-down

c)             Look for

d)            Have an edge

e)             Create a benchmark.

GROUP -C ( Long Answer Type Questions)

Answer any three of the following. 3 x 15 = 45

  1. Read the following passage and then answer the questions in your own words :

The real crisis of our time is the crisis in management. I believe that the solutions to our problem^ lie in the development of the art and practice of management at all levels and in all facets of our national activities — from a



small “Bhatt’s” tea-shop to the multi-faceted international organization or huge national government administration. I also believe that applications of better and sound management skills and methods is of vital importance in resolving many huge and baffling economic and social problems that are beyond the reach of either government or business acting alone.

I strongly believe that the private sector can contribute something far more important than even money, that is, management — management raised to a whole new order of magnitude — in the attainment of the new social and economic objectives put forward by our government. “But how do we do it ?”

The answer lies in developing a deeper sense of social responsibility on the part of our men in management. Management must act in concert with a broad socio interest and serve the objectives of the society. The various social- economic measures now being taken in the field of licensing, price regulation and distribution of essential commodities etc. will not lead us towards attainment of new social objectives unless we ensure that the benefits of these measures go to the ultimate consumer — the common man. This is possible only through right management, proper understanding and of course, above all, through cooperation among all concerned.


Indian management has the skills, know-how and capacity to cope with new challenges.

We must make a start now. The opportunities are there if we will but see them and see them quickly.

0 In what sense is the crisis of our time a crisis in management ?     2

ii)            What contribution can the private sector make towards the attainment of economic objectives ?       2

iii)          What does Indian Management lack ?                                       2

iv)           How can we ensure that the common man gets the benefit of various social-economic measures ?    2

v)             What is the central idea of the passage ?                                   2

vi)           Give a suitable title to the passage and write a pdecis. 5

  1. Write a job application and provide your Resume in response to the following advertisement on 20 November, 2009 in The Telegraph :

An MNC has vacancy for the post of a Junior Manager, where the company would be recruiting an engineer with three years of experience. Apply within 21 days to Mrs. Joyeeta Ghosh, H. R. Manager, Corporate Computer Communications, EN Block, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091.

  1. Raj Pareek Singh ( RPS ) University, Kareempur, wishes to introduce the internal evaluation system and has written to the Registrar, BITS, Pilani. Write a letter report to be sent to the Chairman, Examination Committee, RPS University, containing relevant information.        15
  2. Write an essay on any one of the topics :

i)              The impact of Internet on India.                              .

ii)            The US dollar is not longer a stable currency.

iii)          The impact of secession on Indian Economy.

iv)           Business Process Outsourcing.                                               15

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