WBUT Exam Papers IT English Language And Communication B Tech Sem Ist

WBUT Exam Papers IT

English Language And Communication B Tech Sem Ist

 Full Marks : 70

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions)

  1. Choose the correct alternatives for the following

i)                Synonym of ‘Auxiliary’ is a) conducive

c) capacity

ii)              The antonym of ‘pragmatic’ is a) impractical

c) reasonable

iii)            The word impeccable means

a)              questionable

c) annoying

iv)             Group discussion evaluates

a)              only knowledge

b)              only communication skills

c)               only leadership potential

d)              combination of all three.


class tried to………………….. extra time.

a)                                                                                                                           postpone, forego         b) detain, imagine

c) extend, wheedle                                   d) accentuate, retain.

vi)            The word inadvertantly means


a)    maliciously                                       b) unintentionally

c) carelessly                                             d) deliberately.

vii)          The closing in a telephone message should be .

a)              brief

b)              evasive

c)               convoluted.

viii)        A place where Government records are kept is called

a)              Museum

b)              Archives

c)               Herbarium.

ix)            A person who collects postage stamps is

a)              Peripatetic

b)              Curator

c)               Philatelist.

x)              The single word for A remedy for all diseases is

a} amnesty                                               b) panacea

c amateur                                               d) anarchy.



  1. Insert appropriate prepositions :                                                                                    5×1=5

a)              He has passion .                      arguing.                                     .                                       1

b)              We were all………………. high spirits and got along well                        each other. 2

c)               He prefers tea                     coffee.                                                                                     1

d)              The man was bom         i           a good family .                                                                 1

  1. Use the proper form of the word given to fill the blank in each of the following

sentences :                                                                                                                     5×1=5

a)              He behaves as one………………….. expect him to doi ( may or might)

■ *

b)              He was so tired that he…………………… scarcely stand. ( can or could)

c)              After the shower …………………. over, the sun shone out again. (to be )

d)              He has been……………… by a scorpion. ( string)                               •

e)               Of late the custom has …………………. into disguise. ( fall)

  1. Insert or omit articles where necessary :                                                                      5×1=5

a)              Where there is will there is way.                                                                  •

b)               Only best quality is sold by us.

c)               Rose is sweetest of all the flowers.

d)              The honesty is best policy.                                                                        ‘

e)               How blue sky looks !                             .

  1. Correct the grammatical errors :                                                                                   5×1=5

a)              Was the note written with pencil or with ink ?

b)              Many a men do not do their duty towards their country.

c)              This fruit taste better.

d)              He is addicted to drinking.

e)               I have come here this morning.


  1. Do as directed :


 He put on his coat and went to his office.

Begin : Putting                        .

They protested angrily because there was no space.

Begin : Lack of……………………..

Try as she will, she cannot perform better.

Begin : However…………………. .

I felt tired and I took a nap..

Begin : Feeling…………………….

He completed his work and kept away his tools.

Begin : Having ……………………


  1. Read the following passage ; then answer the questions in your own words :                                                                15

i)                Peak hour traffic scenario in India is a cartoonist’s delight-hassled motorists, rivers of sweat streaming down their forehead, accusing each other for lack of traffic sense in loud voices — toned by the honking of a thousand horns. This is not so in Singapore. It is almost, legendary now that one of Asia’s wealthiest cities has one of the calmest traffic, too. For ten years they have been able to maintain air pollution levels as per World Health Organization ( WHO ) and United States Environmental Protection Agency air quality standards.

ii)              In the late 1960s and early 1970s, a number of major land use and transportation studies were carried out to prepare long term plans for Singapore’s development. It was evident to the planners that traffic congestion had to be addressed first as building more and more roads was not a useful option for Singapore due to the lesser land availability.

ill) Singapore has followed simple, but firm, rules. One, it introduced severe economic restrictions on car-ownership and use : two, it improved transit systems dramatically ; and, lastly, it promoted pedestrian traffic and non­motorized transport.


iv)             Planners aimed to minimize the need to travel putting in order the location of residential and commercial areas. Besides they developed a vast road network system ; and used technology to maximize the use of roads. Transportation routes consisting of an expressway and mass rapid transit ( MKT ) lines were developed.

v)               But the key to the success of these measures was public acceptability, which means the whole exercise had to be done in a phased manna*.

  1. a} The traffic scene in India is amusing because……………………………………………. 1
  2. b)               Singapore maintained good air quality by promoting                                   3
  3. c)                Planners aimed to minimize travel by promoting.                                        1

x)                                                                                                                                          y)

  1. Which words in the passage mean —

a)              trouble

b) famous                           c) most peaceful

d)     limitations                       e) alternative?                                                            5

  1. Write a pr€ds based on the reading of the passage in eighty words. 5

Write a job application and your Curriculum Vitae in response to the following advertisement published on 25th September, 2007 in Times of India :                                                                                  10

An internationally reputed engineering concern has vacancy for the post of Junior Technicians, where they would be recruiting young and fresh graduate with First Class B.Tech degree and good management qualities and communication skills, ability to adopt anywhere in India and if necessary also abroad. Apply within 15 days to Box No. J452, Times of India, Kolkata – 700 001.

Write an essay on any one of the following topics :

a)              Man himself is obliterating Mother Earth.

b)               Is it necessary to amend the existing pattern of examination system in India.

c)               Impact of large scale consumerism on middle class society.

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