WBUT Exam Papers IT English Language And Communication B Tech Sem Ist 2005

WBUT Exam Papers IT

English Language And Communication B Tech Sem Ist 2005

Time : 3 Hours }

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

Note; Answer all questions.

You are the owner of a small shop which has been damaged due to the extension work of the Metro Rail from Tollygunge to Garia. Write a letter of complaint to The Chief Engineer, Metro Rail Construction, 12, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata – 700 001. In this letter describe the extent of the damage caused and claim Rs. 50,000/- as

  1. compensation for repairing the shop.


As the Purchase Officer of Salt Lake Utilities you had ordered 20 Pentium 4 computers from Micro Sun System. When the consignment arrives, it is found that 7 of the computers are damaged. Write a letter requesting proper replacements.


Write an application in response to the following advertisement in The Times of India. Enclose an appropriate CV. ■

‘Wanted fresh Engineering graduates for Cascade Software. Applicants should be willing to travel to all parts of India. Preference will be given, to candidate who have good communication skills.”

  1. Write a precis of the following passage. Give a suitable title. 8 + 2

The last three generations have witnessed a vast increase in the size and number of large cities. Life is more exciting and more money can be earned in the cities than in villages and small towns. Hence the migration from country to city. In these migrating populations have marched the ambitious, the talented, the adventurous. For more than a century there has been a tendency for the most gifted members of small rural communities to leave home and seek fortunes in the towns. Consequently, what remains in the villages and country towns is in the nature of a residual population, weak in spirit and intellectual gifts. Why is it so hard to induce peasants and small farmers to adopt new scientific methods ? Among other reasons, almost every exceptionally intelligent child bom into a rural family for a century past has taken the earliest opportunity of deserting the land for the city.[ Turn over

  1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :           ’

It is thus time for the Indian Industry to enter into other areas of advanced ceramics as well. Ceramics are now entering into automobile and aircraft engines; with the newer requirements for fuel efficiency, not only for economic reasons but foi environmental reasons. As Internal combustion engines and other energy conversion systems are likely to operate at higher and higher temperatures, ceramics have a unique advantage of heat resistance at these kinds of temperatures. Ceramics have also started competing with traditional machine tools. The cutting capability oJ ceramics is good for a number of applications. Ceramics can also be engineered to be biocompatible and are being used as replacements for broken bones. Some of the readers may already be having ceramic caps on their teeth. Many may not be aware ol the crucial role of ceramics in the electronics industry. They form the base, called substrate, for a number of miniature electronic devices which are coated or etched on such substrates, keeping up the trends of micro-miniaturization. Many ceramic materials are crucial for advanced sensors. The tiny microphones In your tape recorders or in a collar mike have elements of ceramic in the form of piezoelectric crystals.

— India 2020 – A vision for the New Millennium

APJ Abdul Kalam with YS Rajan.

a)              What are the reasons for the use of ceramics in automobile and aircraft

engines ?

b)              Give two examples of the use of ceramics in the human body. What does the

word “biocompatible” mean ?

c)              Which quality of ceramics is useful in manufacturing collar mikes or

microphones in tape recorders ?

d) Match the items under Column A with that in tolumn B to indicate connections


between words or phrases. Column A Fuel efficiency Substrate Cutting capability

Column B


machine tools

environmental concerns







  1. You are the General Secretary of the Students’ Union of your college. Your Principal has requested you to investigate the library facilities in your college and submit a report to her.                 10


Your company is considering a proposal to establish a new factory in a town nearby. The Managing Director has asked you to submit a report on the suitability of the place. Write a report explaining the advantages and disadvantages of this location.

  1. Write an essay online on any one : (max. 500 words)                                                               10

i)                 Advertising is a necessary evil.

ii)               A bit of ragging is good for new students, ill) Asia — the new superpower.

  1. £0 Choose the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the given word.                         5

i)                 Eloquence:

a)               fluency

b)               vivacity                                                                   *

c)                charisma

d)               courtesy.

ii)               Replenish:                                                                            ^

a)               copy

b)               substitute

c)                restock

d)             disown, ill) Facsimile: –

a)               fake

b)               letter

c)                exactcopy

d)               example.

iv)             Debut:

a)               conclusion

b)               response

c)                first appearance

d)               contradiction.

v)               Drudgery :

a)               exciting work

b)               boring work

c)               unemployed

d)               poverty.

(Turn over                      

Use appropriate prepositions to fill in the blanks :     5

1) I do not like being laughed         .

ii) We stayed…. Mumbai for five days.

Hi) The girl… red is attractive.

iv)             Sachin is endowed.. special gifts.

v)               The old man died.. typhoid.

c)               Correct the following sentences where necessary :        5

i)                 She plays piano very well.

ii)               It was the most sweetest honey I had ever tasted.

iii)             One of the soldiers have tried to shoot the Prime Minister.

iv)             He is never listening to me.

v)               We have bought the latest machinery.

Join the following pairs of sentences without using ‘and’ or ‘but’:             5

i)                 He gave them his valuable advice. He helped them with money.

ii)              You have a good opportunity. It should not be lost.

iii)            The soldiers arrived. The mob dispersed.

iv)             He ran fast. He missed the train.

v)                I wish I had known you were in town. I would have invited you for lunch.

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