WBUT Exam Papers EE Values And Ethics In Profession B Tech 8th Sem

WBUT Exam Papers EE

 Values And Ethics In Profession B Tech 8th Sem

Time : 3 Hours 1

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type Questions )

Choose the correct alternatives for the following :

1) Engineers, as professionals command a special status In (he society because

a)         professionally they are the most skilled persons

b)         due to their technical expertise they get high salaries

c)          people consider them as Potential Creators of good society and good life

d)          morally and ethically they are superior to others, ii) Technology as such does not

a)       upgrade new knowledge            b) apply new knowledge

c) create new knowledge                          d) require new knowledge.

Ill) Which one of the following should be treated as ‘Instrumental Values’ ?

aj Satisfaction                                        b) Peace and Harmony

c)   Prosperity                                           d) Truthfulness.

iv)         Bhopal Gas tragedy occurred on

a)          December. 1984         b)

c)          January, 1986           d)

v)          Which one of the following energies is environment friendly ?

a)         Atomic energy                                         b) Coal energy

Wind energy d) Oil energy.

aj West Bengal Resource Energy Development Agent

b)          West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agent

c)          West Bengal Resource Energy Development Agency dj West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency

vll) Which one of the foUowIng Is International Commercial Transaction of Technology Transfer ?

aj Flow of books. Journals and other published Information

b)          Education and training at foreign Universities

c)          Dlrcct investment by foreign companies / multinationals

d)          Exchange of Information or personal through technical co-operation programs of International organization.

viii) According to the IEEE Code of Ethics, the members are supposed to obey

a) 10 Codes            b) 12 codes

c) 6 codes                d) 16 codes.

Ix) Aesthetic values arc conccmed with

a)          conflicts and stresses

b)          personal virtues and ethical sensitivities

c)          creation and enjoyment of beauty

d)          none of these.

x) Value Crisis can occur at

n) individual and societal level only ‘

b)         cultural level only

c)          intellectual level

d)         all (he levels.


GROUP -B ( Short Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three of the following.

  1. Define Value Spectrum’ and Value Crisis’.
  2. Do you think that Aesthetic sensibilities and Engineering profession are Incompatible concepts ?
  3. Give some points on social and ethical responsibilities of technologists.
  4. Why are engineering ethics and economics interrelated in running Engineering Enterprise ?
  5. Give tire relevance and benefits of appropriate technology for society at large.

GROUP -C ( Long Answer Type Questions )

Answer any three questions.

  1. Define Environmental Ethics. Mention the Important provisions of (he Environmental Regulations Acts.  5 + 10
  2. Highlight the main problems of technology transfer. In this connection discuss the different mechanisms of Technology Transfer.                                                                                                 7 + 8
  3. Explain the relationship between Technology and Science. How far do you rate technology as knowledge, as a systematic body of learning ?                                                                                5+10
  4. Discuss the role of Indian Constitution for safeguarding the societal values in the context of Indian Culture and Heritage.                                                                                                               15

1 1. How is the consumerism coupled with Indiscriminate use of natural resources being the roadblock to the development of human society ? Write on need ol economic development, which should be sustainable for a long period of time.                                                                                                           8 + 7

12. What is Whistle Blowing ? Briefly discuss any case study on Whistle Blowing. What are the conflicts arise between business demands and professionals Ideals ?


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