WBUT Exam Papers EC Values And Ethics In Profession 8th Sem April 2008

WBUT Exam Papers EC

Values And Ethics In Profession 8th Sem April  2008


Time : 3 Hours ]

Full Marks : 70

GROUP – A ( Multiple Choice Type gaestiona )

  1. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives In each of the following questions :                               10 x 1 = 10

I)           Application of science, technology and engineering has made mankind

a)         a dvlllzcd and sociable person

b)         uncivilized person

c)          unsociable person

d)         none of these.

II)          Profession means

a)         any paid occupation. Job or career

b)         specialized person in his Job area

c)          any way of serving livelihood

d)         none of these.

Ill) The first and foremost professional ethics la

a)          to striving for excellence

b)          to take due care to the environment

c)          to serve the needy and poor of the society

d)          none of these.


Report of Club of Rome describes

a)         low levels of productivity and regional disparities

b)         factors affecting growth

c)          both (a) & (b)

d)         none of these.

Limits to growth refer to

aj limiting the pace of economic growth

b)         reduction In national Income

c)          reducing the Industrial growth

d)         none of these.

Eco-frtendly technologies Include In production of chemical

a) using CFC                     b) using petroleum fraction

c) using natural gas        d) none of these.     !

Non-commercial mean of technology transfers

a)          licensing agreements

b)         exchange of Information of personnel through technical co-ope ratio:’, programmes

c)          export of parts dj none of these.

Acquiring comfort, convenience, relaxation and recreation arc Included La

a)   socletaJ values   b) material values

c)   human values      d) none of these.




According to Indian Constitution. India Is aj capitalist, non-secuiar. sovereign country

b)         socialist, secular, sovereign, democratic, republic country

c)          non-socialist, non-republic, secular country

d)         none of these.

Which of the following should be treated as terminal value V

a) Obedience                         b) Peace and harmony

c)  Truthfulness                      d) None of these.


GROUP -B ( Short Antwcr Typ-c Question* )

Answer any three of the following.    3×5= 15

  1. Give an account of the idea regarding Technology Assessment Impact Analysis.
  2. Define Profession. What should be the essential elements of an Ideal profession ?
  3. How do you rate the ethical and legal Justification of Whistle Blowing ?
  4. Discuss science, technology and engineering as social and professional activity.
  5. Give an account of the problems relating to Technology Transfer Process.

GROUP -C ( Long Answer Type Question* )

Answer any three questions.        3×15 = 45

  1. What is “Good Life” ? “Happiness Is a state of Mind.” Discuss the statement in the idea of Good Life. What is meant by “Value Spectrum” ?                                                     4 + 6 + 5
  2. What Is meant by “Code of Professional Ethics” ? Explain some of tJhc universally accepted codes of professional ethics. How do you feel a professional should deal with the conflicts between Individual and Corporate / Business ethics ?                         2 + 8 + 5
  3. What Is meant by the term limits to growth’ ? State briefly the findings and recommendations of “Club of Rome” on the state of world growth trend of Twentieth Century. Do you feel that this report is an ‘anti-developmental pessimistic conspiracy’, especially In the context of third world ?                              3 + 8 + 4
  4. What does “Sustainable Development” actually mean ? What are the main challenges faced In selection of technology for a Developing Nation ? In tills regard explain the Idea of Human Centered Technology. 4 + 6 + 5

1 1. Identify the major problems associated with the different forms of Anthropogenic ( Human-caused ) environmental disorder in the context of rapid technological growth. Discuss the role of different forms of renewable energy resources to overcome the limits of world energy resources.                                              8 + 7


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