VTU Question Papers Environmental Studies Dec 09 Jan10

VTU Question Papers Environmental Studies

I / II Semester B.E Degree Examination, Dec. 09/Jan. 10


Answer all the fifty questions, each question carries one mark.

Use only Black ball point pen for writing / darkening the circles.

For each question, after selecting your answer, darken the appropriate circle corresponding to the same question number on the OMR sheet, ling two circles for the same question makes the answer invalid. ;ing/overwriting, using whiteners on the OMR sheets are strictly prohibited.

The human activity, among the following, which causes maximum environmental pollution having regional and global impact is

a)  Apiculture b) Urbanisation c) Industrialisation d) Mining


EIA is the abbreviated form for

a)       Energy impact assessment

c)       Environmental impact assessment

b)         Ecological impact assessment d) Emission impact assessment


 The ideal of sustainable development was defined for the first time by the world commission on environment and development in the year

a) 1985          b) 1987          c) 1989        ‘ d) 1991

Which one of thg following disease is not a stage of arsenicosis? a) Diffuse-melanosis                 b) Keratosis

c) Gangrene and skin cancer       d) Chickungunya

The method of rain water harvesting which can be best adopted by local governments or Panchayats is

a)       Construction of check dams across local streams

b)       Construction of recharge trenches in village ponds and storm water drains

c)       Creation of new water bodies like ponds

d)       all of the above.

Dental caries in children may be caused due to water supplies deficient in

a) calcium       b) iron          c) fluorides      d) none of these ■=>


The natural resource, among the following which is a renewable resource is

a) fossil fuel  b) metallic minerals c) non-metallic minerals d) forests .

The average annual per capita supply of fresh water available in the world is about a) 1700m3           b) 7200m3         c) 19600m3 d) 27000m3

The average annual per capita energy consumption in developed countries of the world is of order by                                                                                                                                                                     ‘ –w.

a) 35 GJ/c/a                   b) 125GJ/c/a                      c) 195GJ/c/a                    d) 245 GJ/c/a ‘!


Which is considered as energy source of future                                                                                   –

a) Wind                           b) Hydrogen                      c) Ocean                           d) None of these

The air pollutant which causes severs damage to plants, even at much lower concentrations thai what may be harmful to human health is                                    ?

a) Fluorine     b) Ozone          c) PAN           d) None of these

The maximum average permissible noise levels during day time hours as per environruen protection act in India is

a) 30 dB        b) 45 dB          c) 50 dB         d) 55 dB

The term ‘Refuse’ generally does not include is

a) Putrescible solid waste        b) Excreta            –

c) Non putrescible solid waste    d) Ashes

Acid rains are more prominent in

a) Temparate regions              b) Tropical regions

c) Arid regions                   d) Equally prominent in all regions

The important gaseous pollutants contributing to acid rain are

a) SO2 and NOx b) CO2 and H2S c) NOx and O3           d) None of these

The ozone depletion in the stratosphere is chiefly caused by the release of                                                            t_

a) Chlorofluoro carbons       , b) Carbon dioxide

c) Methane                        d) None of these

The major green house gas which is responsible for causing about 60% of the green house effect on earth among the following is

a) Carbon monoxide b) Methane     c) NOx           d) Carbon dioxide

The distance up to which exclusive economic zone of a country extends beyond its base line is’ a)T2 Nautical miles b) 24 Nautical miles c) 200 Nautical miles d) None of these

The environment act was enacted by Indian parliament under Article 253 of the constitution of

India and made applicable to all states of India in the year

a) 1974         b) 1981           c) 1986          d) 1989

Which among the following does not constitute a part of good disaster management system?

a) Rescue and Evacuation    b) Sheltering and Rehabilitation

c)  Execution and engineering works  d) None of these

The science that deals with the relationship of various organisms with their environment is known as


economics         b) geology       c) ecology d) anthropology


22           Objective of environmental studies is to

a)          Raise consciousness about environmental conditions

b)        Create environmental ethics that foster awareness about the ecological inter – dependence o economic, social and political factors in a human community and the environment.

c)          Teach environmentally appropriate behaviour

d)          All of the above.

23           An ecosystem consists of

a) Biotic component b) abiotic component c) Both a and b d) None of these

24           The perfect equilibrium existing in the biosphere between the various organisms is known as a) Environmental balance    b) Ecological balance

c) Ecological cycle J         d) None of these

25           A simple detritus food chain starts with

a) green plant                    b) wastes of organisms and dead organisms

c) both of these              d) none of these

26           In a food chain humans are

a) Primary consumers          b)^ Secondary consumers

– c) Primary and secondary consumers d) Producers

27           Engineering Intervention for flood control, which does not alter the character of river ecosystem is

a) Construction of Dam reservoir  b) Construction of levees

c) Channelisation             d) Construction of retention pond.

28           The type of mass movement characterized by a slow and gradual down slope movement is known as

a) Rockfill  b) Mud flow       c) Creep         d) Landslide


29           The natural disastrous events like volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones, bring about environmental changes which are

a) Irreversible  b) Reversible     c) Both a and b  d) None of these

30           The fossil fuel which causes maximum environmental pollution due to its use in generation of thermal power is

a) Coal       ‘ b) Oil            c) Natural gas   d) None of these

31           The primary reason for large scale decline in population death rate during 20th century was

a) Improved environmental conditions b) Improved medical care and control of epidemics

c)             Both (a) and (b)             d) None of these

32           How many Indian states have so far set up State Human Rights Commissions? a) 12                b) 14            c) 16 d) 28

33           Which of the following was UN decade for women

a) 1965 – 75 b) 1975- 85      c) 1985-95       d) 1995 -2005

34           The country which has the largest number of child laborers in the world is

a) India     b) Bangladesh     c) China         d) Pakistan

35           ENVIS does not generate data on

a)             Mangroves b) Pollution control c) Mining       d) None of these


36          Pakistan Boy, who while working for a NGO ‘’Bonded labour liberation front”, widely ins “;ie, lo Europe to convince customers not to buy Pakistani carpets because they were being prepare, by poor chained children working overtime, who was later killed in 1955

a) Ehson Ulla Khan b) Iqbal Masih c) hnran Khan d) None of these

37          Which among the following diseases is not a cause of large scale children’s mortality

a) Malnutrition b) Diarrhoea      c) Measles       d) Chikungunya

38          World’s AIDS day is celebrated on

a) Dec 1st       b) Dec. I0,h      c) Dec. 14th      d) Dec. 23rd

39          The number of people dying annually over the world due to indoor air pollution is of the order o a) 1 Million           b) 1.5 Million   c) 3 Million       d) 5 Million


40          The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred in a power plant at Ukraine was in ■

a) April 1970   b) April 1979     c) April 1983    d) April 1986

41          Tidal power plants are not preferred by environmentalists because,

a)       Tidal power is a renewable source

b)       Tidal power can be developed only in coasts

c)       Tidal power stations bring about major ecological changes in sensitive coastal ecosystem.

d)       None of the above.

42          Energy obtained from the Earth’s hot interior is called the

a) Thermal energy b) Biomass energy c) Geo-thermal energy d) None of these

43          Sulabh biogas plants are based on the use of

a) Human excreta b) Cattle dung   c) Agriculture waste d) None of these

44          Which of the following is not a pollutant causing water pollution?

a) Biodegradable organic waste    b) Non biodegradable organic chemicals

c) Inorganic substances           d) None of these

BOD is a measure of

a) Non biodegradable organic matter    b) Biodegradable organic matter

c)     Both (a) and (b)    d) None of these

46          The runoff passing over the agricultural fields making liberal use of nitrogenous fertilizers may cause the following:

a) Blue Baby disease b) Malaria   c) ADS           d) None of these

47          The first major environmental protection law promulgated in India was

a) Environmental Act b) Water Act c) Air Act       d) None£l’ these


48          Which of the following is not caused by the use of fertilizers in agriculture

a) Methemoglobinemia b) Eutrophication

c)  Acidification and Salinity of soils                                 d) None of these

49          Which among the following is not a primary air pollutant?

a) Oxides of nitrogen           b) Volatile organic compounds like hydrocarbons


Suspended particulate matter   d) PAN

50          Longer exposure to NO2 even in small concentrations may cause disease pertaining to a) Liver .. b) Lung          c) Kidneys                d) Heart

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