VTU Question Papers Engineering Graphics second Semester BE Degree Examination Dec 07 Jan 08

 VTU Question Papers Engineering Graphics

II Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. 07 / Jan. 08

Note ; 1. Answer any FIVE full questions

2. Adopt first angle projection, and adopt the scale 1:1.

1 a. Draw the projections of the point A in the following conditions –

i)        20 mm above HP and 25 mm infront of VP,

ii)      On the HP and 30 mm infront of VP

iii)     10 mm above HP and 25 mm behind VP

iv)      30 mm below HP and 30 mm behind VP

v)     20 mm below HP and 35 mm infront of VP.                                                        (OS Marks) b. A straight line AB measuring 80 mm long has the end A in the HP and 25 mm infront of

VP. Its mid point m is 25 mm above HP and 40 mm infront of VP. Draw the projections of the line and determine the inclinations of the line with HP and VP.                                                                                                           (15 Marks)

2           a. i) A point lying 20 mm above XY line represents the front views of two points E and F.

the top view of E is 35 mm above XY and the top view of F is 40 mm below XY. Draw the projections of the two points, ii) A point touches all the three principal planes of projections. Draw its projections.

(05 Marks)

b. The front view of a line AB 80 mm long measures 70 mm. the top view of the line makes an inclination of 40° with XY line. Point A is on VP and 30 mm above HP. Draw the projections and find the inclination of the line with HP and VP. (15 Marks)

3           A thin 30° – 60° set square of 130 mm longest side is so kept that the longest side is in the VP being parallel to both HP. Draw all the three views of the set square when the longest side is 20 mm form the HP and the vertex opposite to the longest side is 40 mm from the VP. Also determine the inclination of the setsquare to VP.                                                           (20 Marks)

4           A square pyramid, side of base 40 mm and slant edge 80 mm long is resting on one of its base edges on HP such that the triangular face containing the edge on which it rests is inclined to HP at 40° and the axis parallel to VP. Draw the projections.                                                                                                                                                                                          (20 Marks)

5           A Hexagonal prism is resting on HP on one of its base edges such that the base and the rectangular surface containing the edge on which it rests make equal inclination with HP. Side of abase 40 mm and axis 85 mm long. Draw the projections.       (20 Marks)

6           A frustum of a square pyramid has its base 50 mm sides, top 25 mm sides and height 75 mm. Draw the development of its lateral surface. Also draw the projections of the frustum in its simple position, showing the line joining the mid point of a top edge of one face with the mid – point of the bottom edge of the opposite face, by the shortest distance.   (20 Marks)

7           A compound solid consists of a frustum of a cone and a pentagonal prism. The prism is resting on one of its rectangular faces centrally on top of the frustum of the cone. The cone has the base diameter 60 mm, top face diameter 30 mm and length of its axis 60 mm. The base sides of the prism is 30 mm and length of its axis 80 mm. draw the Isometric projection of the compound solid using Isometric scale.                                                                                                                                           (20 Marks)

An inverted frustum of a hexagonal pyramid of height 80 mm with the base 40 mm sides hexagon and top 25 mm sides hexagon is resting co-axially on the flat circular face of a 60 mm diameter hemisphere. Draw the Isometric projection of the combination of solids using Isometric scale.                                                                                                            (20 Marks)


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