VTU Question Papers Engineering Graphics Examination June July 08


 VTU Question Papers Engineering Graphics

 Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June / July 08

 Max. Marks: 100

Note : 1. Answer any FIVE full questions. 2. Retain the construction lines.

Draw the projections of the following points.

i) Point P 20mm above HP, 10mm behind VP ii) Point Q on HP, 15 mm behind VP iii) Point R 10mm below HP, 10mm in front of VP iv) Point S 5mm below HP, on VP v) Point T 15mm below HP, 10mm in front of VP.                                                                                                                 (05 Marks)

A line of 80mmlength has one end 20mm above HP and 15mm in front of VP. The line is inclined at 25° to HP and 35° to VP. Draw the three views of the line.                                       (15 Marks)


 A line measuring 90mm has one of its ends 30mm in front of VP and 15mm above HP. The other end is above HP and 15mm in front of VP. The top view of the line is 40mm. Draw three views of the line and determine the inclination of the line with HP and VP. (20 Marks)

A hexagon of 35mm side is placcd on the ground on one of the comers such that its surface is inclined at 40° to the ground and the diagonal through the coiner makes 60° to the VP in the plan view. Draw projections of the hexagon. Also draw a projection on the right profile plane.

(20 Marks)

A pentagonal prism of side 30mm and height 70mm is resting on HP on one of the base edges such that the axis is parallel to VP and inclined to HP at 30°. Draw the top, front and side views of the prism.      (20 Marks)

A cylinder of diameter 50mm and height 80mm is on the ground on a point on its base circumference so that the axis is inclined to ground at 30° and axis is parallel to VP. Draw the top, front and side views of the prism.                                                                                                                           (20 Marks)

Figure show’s the truncated portion of a cone of base diameter 40mm and altitude 60mm. Draw the development of the truncated cone.                                                                             (20 Marks)

  1. Draw the isometric projection of a circular lamina of diameter 35mm when i) the lamina is vertical and ii) when it is horizontal.                                                                                    (06 Marks)
  2. Draw the isometric projection of a hexagonal prism of side 25mm and height 50mm when its base is on the ground with one of the base edges perpendicular to VP.                         (14 Marks)

The frustum of a cone with thickness 40mm, base diameter 40mm and top diameter 25mm is placed centrally on the frustum of a square pyramid of thickness 30mm, bottom side 75mm and top side 50mm. Draw the isometric projection of the combination.                                                    (20 Marks)


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