VTU Question Papers Engineering Chemistry June July 2009

 VTU Question Papers Engineering Chemistry

1st & 2nd Sem B.E. Degree Examination, June-July 2009



 Note: Answer any FIVE full questions.

What are Nematic and Cholesteric liquid crystals? Give an example each. Explain the application of liquid crystals in thermography.

How acetic acid is synthesized through biochemical process?

Write a note on Nitrogen fixation by Bacteria

Define “Calorific value” of a fuel. How the gross and net calorific values of a solid fuel are determined?      (10 Marks)

0.023 m3 of a gaseous fuel at STP was burnt in a Boy’s calorimeter. Calculate the gross calorific value of the fuel if the weight of water passed through the calorimeter is 4.1 kg and the rise in temperature of water is 18 K. Specific heat of water = 4.18 kJ kg’!KTl. (05 Marks) What is knocking? What is the meaning of statement “Octane number of petrol is 70”?

(05 Marks)

Account for the origin of potential at an electrode and define standard electrode potential.

(07 Marks)

What are ion selective electrodes? Explain the use of glass electrode in the determination of pH of a solution.             (07 Marks)

Calculate the EMF of the cell Zn | Zn2+ (0.1M) 11 Ag+ (0.2M) ] Ag.

Given the standard electrode potentials of Zinc and silver electrodes are -0.76V and 0.44V respectively.       (04 Marks)

What are concentration cells?                                                                                                                            (02 Marks)

  1. What are secondary and reserve batteries. Give an example each.                                                            (06 Marks)
  2. Describe the construction and working of Zmc-Air battery.                                                                         (06 Marks)
  3. What are fuel cells? Explain the construction and working of Methanol-oxygen fuel cell.

08 Marks)

  1. What are the sources and ill effects of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen in air?          (06 Marks)
  2. Write a note on Ozone layer depletion.                                                                                                             (04 Marks)
  3. Define BOD and COD.                                                                                                                                        (04 Marks)
  4. Describe Activated sludge process of treatment of sewage.                                                                         (06 Marks)
  5. Describe pitting corrosion and differential metal corrosion taking a suitable example each.

(08 Marks)

  1. How do nature of corrosion product and pH influence corrosion rate.                                                      (06 Marks)
  2. What is cathodic protection? Describe sacrificial anodic method of cathodic protection.

(06 Marks)

  1. Define Decomposition potential. How it is determined?                                                                               (07 Marks)
  2. Discuss the following factors with respect to electroplating.

i) Current Density ii) Temperature iii) Complexing agents.                                                                  (09 Marks)

  1. Give the bath conditions and the reactions taking place during electroless plating of copper,

(04 Marks)

  1. What is addition polymerization? Give an example.                                                                                    (04 Marks)
  2. What is glass transition temperature? Discuss any two factors that influence it. (06 Marks)
  3. How is PMMA synthesized? Write two properties and two uses of it.                                                        (07 Marks)
  4. Give the reaction and conditions involved in the synthesis of Buna-S.                                                      (03 Marks)

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