VTU Question Papers Computer Concepts and C Programming December 2010

VTU Question Papers Computer Concepts & C-Programming

1st & 2nd Sem B.E. Degree Examination  December 2010


Note:!Answer any FIVEfull questions, choosing at least two from each part

2Answer all objective type questions only on OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet 3Answer to objective type questions on sheets other than OMR will not be valued.


Select the correct answer:

1 a. i) Which type of computer will you most likely encounter at the department of motor vehicles?

A) Smartphone                             ”*                B) Mainfiame

C) Super computer                                          D) Minicomputer

ii)      Which of the following devices stores the instruction that helps the computer start up?

A) Joystick                                                        B) RAM-

C) ROM                                                             D) Monitor

iii)   When you press a key, this device notifies the system software.

B)   Keyboard buffer

A) Keyboard C) Key board controller iv) A computer’s resolution is determined by

A)    Monitor

C) CPU  D) System unit                                  (04 Marks)

Explain the four categories of hardware devices.                                                          (10 Marks)

What is the difference between impact and non-impact printers? Classify the following printers into impact and non-impact printer:

i)                                                                                               Dotmatrix                    ii) Inkjet                                         – iii) Laser                                                  (06Marks)





Select the correct answer:

i)                                                                                     The CPU uses a

— A)-Control uait

C)   Post

to store and retrieve each piece of data in the memory.

B)   Cache

D)   Memory location


ii)     Most popular external connection for a PC is,

A) PS2                                                               B) USB

C) HDX                                                             D) MIDI

iii)   Disketts spin at about_________ revolution per minute.

A) 3                                                                    B) 30

C) 300                                                    » D) 3000

iv)   To remove a system program from )taur computer you can__

A) Uninstall                                                      B) Delete

C) Store                                                             D) Transfer

Explain the components required to process the data in a computer. Briefly explain the following processors:

i)                                                                                           AMD                                     ii) Free scale  iii) IBM

Select the correct answer:

i)         In many GUI-based programs, a _

• commands quickly.

A) Menubar C) Command base

ii)       DOS stands for,

A) Distributed operating system C) Disk operating system


Q3 (a)- contd™

iii)    In a                         network, all devices are connected to k device called the hub and

communicate through it,

A) BUS                                                            B) Star

Q Ring                                                             D) Mesh

iv)    Which command is used to remove data from one document and place it in another?

A) Copy and paste            B) Delete and paste

C) Cut and paste             D) Cut and delete        (04 Marks)

  1. What is an operating system? Explain the four types of OS with examples.                                                         (08 Marks)
  2. What is the need of network topology? Explain the following network topologies:

i)   Bus topology     ii) Star topology                      iii) Ring topology          (OS Marks)

Select the correct answer:

  1. i) The step by step procedure to solve a particular problem, is called

A) Flow chart                B) Program

C) Instruction               D) Algorithm

ii)    An infinite loop in a program sequence, causes no output but creates error. What type of error is it?

A) Syntax error              , B) Logical error

C) Run-time error            D) None of these

iii)   Which translator converts hign level language program into machine language?

A) Assembler                 B) Computer

C) Compiler                  D) Interpreter

iv)   Basi< building blocks of C are,

A) Keywords                  B) Identifiers

C) C onstants                 D) Variables             (04 Marks)

  1. Write a f owchart to find the factorial of a given number. (06 Marks)
  2. What is tie value of x, if a = 10, b= 15 and x = (a > b)? a: b;                                     (02 Marks)
  3. What wo lid be the value of c, if a = 1, b = 2 ? Mention the steps involved.

i)       c = (a>0&&a<=l0)?a + b: a/bj

** ii) c = (a < 0 & & a < = 10)? a + b: a/bj                                                                        (08 Marks)


Select the correct answer:

  1. i) To read a single character, which of the following equation is used?

A) put char ()     –         B) get char ()

C) get ch () {                                                   D) put ch ( )

ii)     Which operator hjis the highest precedence?

A) +                                                                                           B) *

‘ C) ++                                                              D) »

iii)  Switch expression can be______ type.

A) Float                     B) Void

C) Integer                   D) Double

iv)   Which is the formatted console output function?

A) get char ( )                                                 B) get ch ( )

C) scan f ( )                                                    D) print f ( )                                         (04 Marks)

  1. What is the difference between IF..ELSE and switch statement?                          • (04 Marks)
  2. Write a C program that will read the value of x and evaluate the following function: y = 1 + x, when n = 1

= 1 + xn, when n = 2 = 1 + nx, otherwise

using (i) else if statement                      (ii) switch statement                                                       (12 Marks)


Select the correct answer:

  1. i) Identify the unconditional control statement in the following:

A) If_Else                                                            B) Nested if

C) Switch                                                             D) goto

ii)       What is the output of the following? For (i = 0; iL = 3; i++); printf (“%d”, i);

A) 0123                                                               B) 01

C) 012                                                                  D) garbage value

iii)     Which statement is called as bypasses?

A) goto                                                                 B) break

C) continue                                                         D) switch

iv)     In the following, identify the non-looping statement;

A) while                                                               B) do-while

C) for                                                                   D) switch                               –                (04 Marks)

  1. Explain the following statements: (i) break (ii) goto.                                                           (02 Marks)
  2. Write a program to print the following output using for loops:                                          (05 Marks)


2             2

.                                               3 3 3

4         4 4 4

5         5 5 5 5

  1. Write a program to find the sum of ODD number beginning with i = 1 and upto n number,


sum = ^ X; using


i)          while loop

ii)        dowhile loop

iii)      for loop                                                                                                                                 (09 Marks)

Select the correct answer:

  1. i) Array elements must be enclosed within________ to initialize the array.

A) [ ]                                                                     B) ( )

C) { }                                                                    D) ” ”

ii)        Size of an array is indicated by,

A) integer                                                            B) float

j C) char                                                                       D) double

jiii) What is the output of the following program segment?

Main ()

{int K [5] = (3, 5, 6, 8,10);

Print f (“%d”, KfO]);


A) 3                                                                      B) 32

C) 8                                                                      D) Error

iv)      Array is which data type?

A) User defined •              B) Built in

C) Primary datatype                                          D) Derived data type                            (04 Marks)

  1. What is an array? How do you declare and initialize ONE and TWO dimension array? Explain with an example.                                                        ,                                                                        (06 Marks)
  2. Write a program that accepts a 3 x 3 matrix and computes,

i)          Transpose of the matrix.

ii)        Addition of diagonal elements.                           (10 Marks)


3   of 4

Select the correct answer;

a i) If the return type of a function is int, then what is the value returned?

A) null                                                                   B) void

C) int                                                                      D) char

ii)       Identify the mathematical function in the following :

A) clrscr()                                                             B) printf()

C) fabs ( )                                                              D) main ( )

iii)     The process of splitting a lengthy and complex program into’ a number of smaller programs is called____________________

A) unit program                                                    B) modules

C)                                                                                                                                                       built in program         D) logical program

iv)     How many number of functions can be used in a program?

A) one only                                                           B) two only

C)                                                                                                                                                       eight only                                                D) any number                                                                                (04 Marks)

  1. Distinguish between:

i)          Actual and formal arguments

ii)       Global and local variables.                                                                                                  (06 Marks)

  1. t Describe the two ways of passing parameters to function. When do you prefer to use each of

them? Give examples.                                                                                                                  (lJLMarks)

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