VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Sixth Semester Software Engineering July 2006

 VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Sixth Semester

Software Engineering July 2006


Note: L Answer any FIVE full questions.      

1  a.Highlight on essential attributes of a good software.

b. Show how both waterfall model and prototyping model can be accounted in spiral model.

c. What is software validation? Explain with an example.

2 a.What are the various metrics for specifying non-functional requirements? Explain any one.

b. Explain requirement elicitation and analysis process.

c. Explain evolutionary prototyping. Justify that programs developed using evolutionary development are likely to be difficult to maintain.


3  a. What is data dictionary? Discuss its structure and uses.

b. Develop an aggregation diagram showing the components of a library system.

c. Highlight on enduring and volatile requirements. Also give the classifications of volatile requirements.

4 a. Illustrate with two examples for object and object class.

b. With an example describe the repository model and give its advantages and disadvantages.

c. Explain different types of user interaction styles. Give advantages, disadvantages and applications for each style.

5 a. Compare black box testing with white box testing.

b. Explain interface types and interface errors in interface testing.

c. For a software project different activities and their durations are listed as below. Draw the activity chart and find critical path.


Task T1 t2 t3 t4 T5 T6 t7 t8 t9
Duration in days 10 15 10 20 10 15 20 35 15
10   T1 T1




T3 t7 t6


T10 T11 T12 t13 T14 T15 T16
5 10 20 35 10 20 10
t5 t9 T10 t3 T5 T12 t15
t9     t4 T9 T14  



6 a. What do you mean by reliability metric? Explain any two metrics which helps in assessment of system performance.

b. Explain various safety terminologies.

c. Illustrate with an example how COCOMO model is used to estimate person months.


7  a. What are the activities in project planning?

b. Describe the components of a legacy system and give block diagram for the same.

c. What is inspection process? Explain roles of inspection process and possible inspection checks.


8  Write short notes on:

a.   Product metric             b. Case workbench

c. Reverse Engineering     d. Centralized control model.

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