VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Sixth Semester Software Engineering August 2004

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Sixth Semester

Software Engineering August 2004


Computer Science and Information Science Engineering Software Engineering

Note: 1. Answer any FIVE full questions.

2. All questions carry equal marks.

1.  (a) Distinguish between a software product and a software process.

(b) Explain different process models along with their relative merits and demerits.


2.  (a) Describe system architecture modeling with the help of a neat diagram.

(b) What are the differences between requirements definition and requirements specification.

(c)             Give a brief description of software prototyping and briefly discuss the various prototyping techniques.


3.(a) Explain different software design startegies with proper illustrations.

(b) Explain the dynamic nature of software system using state machine model.

(c) Write a brief note on data – flow design principle.


4.  (a) Explain clearly the distinction between high level design and detailed design.

(b) Describe user interface design principles.

(c) What are the differences between coupling and cohesion.


5 (a) Briefly discuss the various software reliability metrics.

(b) Bring out the differences between verification and validation.

(c) Explain the stages of testing process.


6. (a) Distinguish between alpha and beta testing.

(b) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of reusing the software components

(c) Briefly describe the following

a) Defensive programming

b) Clean room software development


7. (a) Explain the importance of project staffing.

(b) What is COCOMO model ? Describe its apprroach to estimate person months

(c) List and explain, briefly, the different types of documentation.  (8 Marks)


8.  Write short notes on:

a)  Data dictionary

b)  CASE tools

c)   Software quality assurance

d)  SEl capability maturity model

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