VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester Programming the Web July 2011

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS

Seventh Semester Programming the Web July 2011


1 a. Explain HTTP.

B .Explain Web servers operation and general server characteristics.

c. Explain any two web programmer’s tools used in web programming.


2 a.What tag and attribute are used to define a link? Discuss about it.

b. Explain all controls that are created with the <input> tag with examples, which are used for text collection.

c. Explain the XHTML tags used for lists in documents.


3a.What is the purpose of external level style sheet? Compare it with the other two levels. Write the format of external level style sheet.

b. Explain all selector forms.

c. Explain <span> and <div> tags.

d. Write a note on conflict resolution.

4 a. Describe three major differences between Java and Java script.

b. Explain Java Script Array methods with examples.

c. Explain screen output and keyboard input.


5a.Discuss the different approaches of XHTML element access in Javascript.

b. Explain, with an example, handling events from body elements using onload attribute.

c. Explain event handler connection for DOM2 event model.


6 a.Describe all the differences between the three possible values of the position property.

b. Explain element visibility.

c. With an example of XHTML doc with java script, explain dynamic content.


7 a.What is the purpose of DTD? What are four possible keywords in DTD declaration? Write their format.

b. What is the purpose of character data section? Explain with an example.

c. Explain the two categories of user defined XML schema data types.

d. Mention the advantages of XML schema over DTD’s.


8a.Explain the string functions, its parameters and its actions in peri.

b. Explain common gateway interface and its linkage.

c. Explain the fundamentals of arrays in peri.

d. Write a simple peri program with use of arrays to read the names, convert them to upper

case letters and the array to be sorted and displayed.

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