VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester C # Programming and.Net June 2012

VTU Previous Year Question Papers

BE CS Seventh Semester C # programming and.Net June 2012


Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.


1 a. What are the building blocks of .NET platform? Give the relationship between .NET runtime layer and the base class library.

b. What is the role of • NET type meta data? Give an example.

c.   Explain CLR. Illustrate the workflow that take place between the source code, given «NET compiler and the . NET execution engine.


2 a. Write a CU program to display the following information using system environment class

i) current directory of application

ii) operating system version

iii) logical drivers

iv) host name

v) .NET version.

b. Explain the building of a Cti application using command line compiler CSE.exe.

c. Explain the C# preprocessor directives giving any three examples.


3 a. why system object is called master node? List and explain any three instance methods and static methods of system object.

b- With an example, explain what happens when reference type is passed by value and passed by reference.

c. What arc the three pillars of object oriented programming in C#? Differentiate between “is – a” and “has -a” relationship, with appropriate programs.


4 a. Explain boxing and un boxing with an example.

b. Explain four method parameter modifiers, with an example.

c. Explain the two different roles of this* keyword, with an example.    


5 a. What arc bugs, errors and exception? List and explain the core members of the system exception type. How would you build custom exception?

b. Explain the following C# keywords :  i) Furally                 ii) Using.

c. What is meant by object life time? Explain the garbage collection optimization process in C#.

6 a. What is an interface? Explain the three methods to obtain interface references.

b. With an example, explain any four interfaces of system, collection.

c. How to build cloneable and comparable objects in C#?


7 a. With an example, discuss the advanced keywords of C# : checked, unchecked, unsafe, stack alloc, volatile and size of

b.  What is delegate? Differentiate between synchronous and asynchronous delegate, with examples.


8  a. With a neat diagram, explain the physical view and logical view of. NET    assemblies.

b. Explain the C# support for cross language inheritance, with examples.

c. Explain the steps involved in building multi file assembly, with an example.

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