VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester C # programming and.Net December 2011

VTU Previous Year Question Papers

BE CS Seventh Semester C # programming and.Net December 2011


Note: Answer any FIVE full questions.

Selecting at least TWO questions from each part.


1     a. Explain the limitations and complexities found within the technologies prior to .Net. Briefly

explain how .Net attempts to simplify the same.

b. Explain the formal definitions of all possible CTS types.


2 a. Explain the following, with respect to compilation of the C # program in command prompt.

i) referencing external assemblies     ii) compiling multiple source files

iii) response files                                     iv) generating bug reports.

b. Explain C § preprocessor directives :

i) U region, # endregion ii) conditional code compilation.

c. Write a C # program to generate Fibonacci series upto N. value of N is read from console.


3 a. Write a C # program to arrange five names in the ascending order. Names are obtained from command line arguments.

b. List the methods in system, object master node. Explain the functionality of the methods E Quals, To string and GetType.

c.Explain the params modifier, with suitable code.

4 a.Write a C # program to create a doubly linked list. Methods will be for inserting the node at front end, deleting the node from front end and displaying the contents of the list.

b.Explain the following, with suitable code.

i) versioning class members      ii) properties.


5 a.Mention the methods present in system. Exception base class. Explain Target Site, Strack Trace properties.

b. Explain how to build a custom exception in C #, using suitable code.


6 a.Define an interface. Explain how it is created in C #, with suitable example.

b. Explain how interfaces can be used as polymorphic agents, with suitable code.

c. Write an explanatory note on cloneable interface, with examples.

7 a.What are delegates in C #? Differentiate between the synchronous and asynchronous delegates, with an example.

b. Enumerate the concept of events in C #. Explain with suitable code and example.

8 a.Explain the steps involved in building multi file assembly, with an example.

b. Explain shared assemblies and private assemblies, in detail, with necessary examples.


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