VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Sem Object Oriented Modeling and Design Dec 2012

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Sem

Object Oriented Modeling and Design Dec 2012


Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at I east TWO questions from each part.


1 a. What is object orientation? Explain its aspects with an example.

b. What is model? What arc its advantages? Briefly discuss about three models. What is generalization?

c. Briefly discuss the generalization of equipments.


2 a. Define the following terms, with an example :

i) enumerations         ii) Association ends          iii) Aggregation        iv) Abstract classes.

ii) With respect to multiple inheritance, briefly discuss about

b.Multiple classification ii) Workarounds.

c. What do you mean by states and events? Draw the state diagram for a telephone line system.


3 a. What is concurrency? Explain the aggregation concurrency, with an example.

b. What are sequence models? Draw the sequence model for online stock broker system.

c. Briefly discuss the useease relationships and draw the usecase diagram of stock brokerage system.


4 a.Briefly discuss the software development stages.

b. Identify the classes for ATM bank system. What criteria would you take into consideration to select right classes? Explain.

c. List the steps to construct domain state model.


5 a. With a neat activity diagram, explain the card verification activity of ATM bank system,

b. Define the following terms : i) Libraries ii) Frameworks iii) Patterns.

c. Explain the steps in designing a complier by using batch transformation.


6 a. Briefly discuss the design optimization and explain its tasks, with an example.

b. List and explain the steps involved in organizing ofa class design.

c. Differentiate between forward engineering and reverse engineering.


7 a. What is a pattern? Explain the model – view’ controller design for software architecture, with GMT diagram.

b. Explain the client – dispatcher – design pattern.

c. List and explain different pattern categories.


8 a. Explain the command processor design pattern,

b.  What arc idioms and styles? Explain with the help of an example, a style guide idiom.

c.   Explain the publisher – subscriber design pattern.

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