VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Sem Object Oriented Modeling and Design Dec 2011

VTU Previous Year Question Papers

BE CS Seventh Semester

Object Oriented Modeling and Design Dec 2011


Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.


1 a. What is a model? Give an example. What purpose does it serve? Explain.

b. What are the link and association? Write and explain UML notation   for links and association, with an example.

c. Explain qualified association, with an example.


2 a. What is aggregation and composition? Give their respective UML notations, with an example.

b. What is an event? Explain different types of events, with an example.


3 a. Draw the use – case diagram, for vending machine. What are the guidelines needed to be followed while drawing use-case models.

b. Explain activity diagram, with the UML notation. Give an example.

c. Mention the guidelines for activity models.


4 a. What is software development process? Explain the stages of software development process.

b. Write and explain the steps performed in constructing a domain state model, with an example.


5 a. With a neat block diagram, explain the steps followed in constructing application class model.

b. Describe the architecture of an ATM system, with the help of a neat block diagram.


6 a. Explain the different tasks involved in design optimization.

b. Write short notes on:

i) Reverse engineering Vs forward engineering

ii) Wrapping.


7 a. Describe the three categories of pattern.

b. With a neat diagram, explain the dynamics of client: Dispatcher server design pattern.


8 a.  Define forward receiver design pattern.

b. Write and explain the steps to implement a forward receiver design pattern.

c.    Write the steps to implement the counted pointer idiom.

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