VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS 6th Semester Compiler Design December 2011

VTU CSE 6th Semester Compiler Design Question Paper December 2011

VTU CSE 6th Semester Compiler Design Question Paper December 2011: Every semester has an important role to shape Computer Science & Engineering Career.

To score the better mark in the Compiler Design semester exam, you must solve previous exam Paper. It will give you information about the important chapters and concepts to be covered in all chapters.

Here we are providing you the complete guide on VTU CSE 6th Semester Compiler Design Question Paper December 2011.

VTU CSE 6th Semester Compiler Design Question Paper December 2011

You must have Compiler Design Question Paper along with the latest Computer Science 6th sem Syllabus to enhance your semester exam preparation.

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Here you can check the VTU CSE 6th Semester Compiler Design Question Paper January 2008

Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.

1 a. With a neat diagram, explain the different phases of compilation.

b. Explain input buffering strategy, used in lexical analysis phase.

2 a. Write the transition diagram for an unsigned number.

b- Show that the following grammar is ambiguous: E  £ + E |E*E|(E)id. Write an unambiguous grammar for the same.

c. Write a recursive descent parser for the grammar and for the input ‘cad’ trace the parser.

3    a. Construct the predictive parse table for the following grammar :

b. Explain the working of a shift reduce parser.

c. Explain handle pruning. Explain the same for the grammar E -» E+E JE * E| (CE) jid and the input string is idl + id2 * id3.

4 a. Consider the following grammar:

A  Construct the SLR parse table for the grammar. Show the actions of Ibe parser, for the input string “abab”.

b.  Construct the CLR parse table for the following grammar:



5 a. Define the following with examples : Synthesized attribute Inherited attribute S- attributed definitions L – attributed definitions.

b. Explain the parser stack implementation of post fix SDT, with an example.

c.  For the SDD shown below:

Production Semantic rules
L —*-En L.val = E.val
E —> Ei + T E.val = El.val + T.val
E-»T E.val = T.val
T -» T1 * F T.val = Tl.val * F.val
T-»F T.val = F.val
F -»(E) F.val = E.val
F -> digit F.val = digitJexval

construct the annotated parse tree for 3 5 + 4n.

6 a. Explain the following, with an example :

i)  Quadraples

ii) Triples

iii) Indirect triples.

b.   Write an algorithm for the unification of a pair of nodes in a type graph.

c.   Explain syntax directed translation of switch statements.

7  a.What is an activation record? Explain its possible structure.

b.   Explain the design goals for garbage collector.

c.   Explain the desirable properties of memory manager.

8  a.What is next use information? Write an algorithm to determine the livens and next use Ma for each statement in a basic block. Apply the same for the following basic block:

3.      T1 = Add (A) – 4

4.      T2 = 4 * i

5.      T3 =T1 [T2]

6.      Sum = Sum + T3

7.1 = 1 + 1

8. If 20 go to 3

b.  Generate the intermediate code for the statement: sum = A [i, j] + B [i, j]. Construct DAG and simplify the code.

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