VTU Previous Year Papers Management and Entrepreneurship July 2009

VTU Previous Year Papers Management and Entrepreneurship July 2009



Note : Answer any FIVE full questions selecting at least TWO full question from each part.

1 a. Define Management.

b.  With a neat sketch, explain the functions of Management.

c.   Briefly explain the concept of Modem Management approaches.


2 a. Give any Four concrete reasons for the paramount importance of the planning functions.

b. Briefly explain the steps involved in planning.

c. What are the different types of decisions? Explain briefly.


3 a. Briefly explain the principles of organization.

b. Write any four advantages of proper and efficient staffing.

c. Write short notes on the following : i) MBO ii) MBE iii) Span of control.


4. a. With a neat sketch briefly explain Maslow’s theory of motivation.

b.   Define and explain the purposes of communication.

c.   Briefly explain the essential of a sound control system.


5 a. Who is an Entrepreneur?

b.   Briefly explain the characteristics of an Entrepreneur.

c.   Explain in detail various types and functions of an Entrepreneur.

d.  Distinguish between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur.


6 a. What is a Small – Scale Industry?

b.  Briefly explain the rationale of Small – Scale Industry development in India.

c.   List out the various objectives of developing small enterprises in India.

d.  Explain briefly the Government support for SSI during 5 year plans.


7.a. With a neat sketch, explain the activities of NSIC.

b. Write short notes on the following:

i) SISI             ii) SIDBI         iii) DIC            iv) TECKSOK.


8 a. What are the criteria for selecting a particular project, an Entrepreneur should consider?

b. Briefly explain the importance of project identification.

c. Give the meaning of project appraisal.

d. What are the steps followed in project appraisal?

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