VTU Previous Year Exam Papers Management and Entrepreneurship May 2010

VTU Previous Year Exam Papers Management and Entrepreneurship May 2010



Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.

1 a.What is management? Write various characteristics of management.

b. Explain how management is science or art or profession.
c.Explain in brief the various roles a manager plays.

2 a.Explain the importance of planning.
b.Differentiate between strategic planning and tactical planning.
c.Write various steps in planning and planning premises.

3 a.What are the various principles of organization?
b.Explain the selection process of personnel.

4 a.Discuss various principles of directing.
b.Compare autocratic, participative and free-rein leadership styles.
c.Write in brief, various methods of establishing control.


5 a.Classify various categories of entrepreneurship, based on different factors.
b.Explain various stages in entrepreneurial process.
c.List out different barriers of entrepreneurship.

6 a.Define SSI. Enumerate various objectives of SSL
b.List various steps to start a SSI.
c.Define ancillary industry and tiny industry.

7 a.Write various functions of DIC,
b.Enumerate functions of SISI.
c.Explain the role of KSFC in setting up of industries.

8 a.Explain various factors to be considered for selection of a project.
b.List out various contents of a project report.
c.Write various points to be considered for,
i)Technical feasibility study and
ii)Social feasibility study.

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