VTU Previous Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester Embedded Computing Systems June 2012

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper June 2012

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper June 2012: You must have Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper along with the latest Computer Science 7th sem Syllabus to enhance your semester exam preparation.

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Previous year Papers are considered as the best study materials to score good marks in the semester exam. Practicing these previous year question papers assist the students to get a clear idea about the question paper pattern and types of questions that will be asked in the exam.

Here we are providing you the complete guide on Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper June 2012.

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper June 2012

To score better marks in the 7th semester, you should also have depth knowledge in the entire subject. You can boost your preparation by solving previous year question papers. It will give you information about the important chapters and concepts to be covered in all chapters.

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Here you can check the VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper June 2012

Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions front each part.


1 a. Define an embedded system. Explain the components of embedded system hardware.

b.   Point out major differences between Harvard and Von Neuman architecture.

c. Explain the various software tools for designing an embedded system.

2 a. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of data transfer using serial and parallel ports/devices.

b. Describe and compare UART, Rs232C, SDI0 devices.

3 a. What is a timer? How does a counter perform :

i)      timer functions?

ii)     prefixed time initiated event generation?

iii)    time capture fimctions?

b. Explain the following wireless and mobile system protocols :

i)  Bluetooth                     ii) Zig Bee

4 a. What do you mean by throwing an exception? Howr is the exception condition during execution of a function (routine) handled?

b. What are the uses of hardware and software assigned priorities in interrupt servicc mechanism?


5 a. What are the different programming models? Give an example, explain the SDFG model.

b. What is a semaphore? What arc the IPC Junctions used by a software programmer? Explain them.

6 a. What is a process manager? What are its services?

b. What is RTOS? Point out and explain the various services of RTOS.

c. Explain the user and supervisory mode structure in OS.

7 a. Explain preemptive scheduling model. Point out the various scheduling models.

b. What are the important operating system security issues? List the important security function.

c.  What are the methods of optimizing memory space in RTOS?

8 a. What is a target system? How is embedded software loaded into the target system?

b.   What is a simulator? Illustrate the detailed design development process using a simulator.

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