VTU Previous Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester Embedded Computing Systems July 2011

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper July 2011

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper July 2011: You must have Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper along with the latest Computer Science 7th sem Syllabus to enhance your semester exam preparation.

To score better marks in the 7th semester, you should also have depth knowledge in the entire subject. You can boost your preparation by solving previous year question papers. It will give you information about the important chapters and concepts to be covered in all chapters.

Here we are providing you the complete guide on Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper July 2011.

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper July 2011

VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Previous year Papers are considered as the best study materials to score good marks in the semester exam. Practicing these previous year question papers assist the students to get a clear idea about the question paper pattern and types of questions that will be asked in the exam.

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Here you can check the VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper July 2011

Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.


 1 a. Define an embedded system. What are its main components? Classify the embedded systems.

b.  A 10-bit ADC has reference voltages Vref. = -1.024V and Vref+ = 1.023V. What will be the output when inputs are


ii) 0.512V,

iii) 2.047V.

What will be the output for the above inputs when Vref. = -1.024V and Vref+ = +2.047V?

2 a.  List and explain any eight design metrics, used in embedded system.

b.   Describe how the communication takes place between COM port and UART serial port by using handshaking signals.

c.    How do you interface LCD controller through a parallel port?

3 a.  Describe the format of SDA bits in a I2C bus protocol along with its signals.

b.   With a neat diagram, explain the Bluetooth protocol.

c.  A 16-bit counter is getting input from an internal clock of 12 MHz. There is a prescaling unit, which prescales by a factor of 16. What is the time interval at which overflow interrupt occurs?

4 a. Discuss the classification of interrupt sources.

b. Write a note on the Linux device drivers.

c.    What is the use of interrupt vector table? Explain how it is used in 8051 in case of short code ISR.


5 a. Explain SDFG model. How do you unfold SDFGs into HSDFGs and HSDFGs into APEGs?

b. Describe the different states in FSM model for a mobile key ‘5’ of Tq keypad.

6 a. Distinguish between ISRs and Tasks.

b.   Explain the user and supervisory mode structure in OS.

c.    What are the command functions, used in the device management?

7 a. Discuss the round robin time scheduling, with its programming model and the graph for counter assignment

b. Which are the OS security issues? List the important security functions.

8 a. Explain the various software tools, used in the embedded systems?

b.  What is a target system? How does it differ from final embedded system?

c.    How do you perform testing on the host machine?

We have covered VTU CSE 7th Semester Embedded Computing Systems Question Paper July 2011. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

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