VTU Previous Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester Embedded Computing Systems Dec 2012

VTU Previous Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester

Embedded Computing Systems Dec 2012


Note; Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part


1 a. Give the characteristics and constraints of embedded system.

b. Define design metrics in an embedded system. What are the different computing design metrics? What are the challenges faced in designing an embedded system,

c. Describe the software tools used for designing an embedded system,


2 a.With neat sketch, explain synchronous serial input and synchronous serial output operation.

b. Briefly explain the skills required for an embedded system designer.

c. Write a note on SDIO (secure digital input output)*


3 a. Describe;  i) Timing device;   ii) Counting device;    iii) Timer cum counting device.

b. Explain watch dog timer with any one its applications.

c. With neat sketch, explain the control bit format in IC bus protocol


4 a. What is interrupt vector? Explain various mechanism of interrupt vector with suitable examples.

b. Differentiate between device driver functions and 1SR functions.

c. Explain the role of device drivers in interaction with device hardware with suitable example.


5 a. Explain the modeling of a multi-processor system.

b. Distinguish between function, ISR and Task.

c. Define process and tasks. Explain the tasks with their states.


6 a. Describe any tour RTOS timer functions and the actions on calling these functions.

b. Explain file system organization and implementation in an OS for an embedded system,

c. Explain process creation and management of created process.


7 a. Briefly Explain the design principles when using an RTOS to design an embedded system.

b. List any four common RTOS task scheduling models.

c. Describe fixed real time scheduling mo an Example.


8  a. What are the features of integrated development (IDE)? Explain.

b. Describe the platform dependency issues and need for appropriate OS-hardware interface functions.

c. Discuss the limitations of simulation with appropriate illustration.

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