VTU Previous Question Papers BE CS 4th Semester Computer Organization February 2006

VTU Previous Question Papers BE CS 4th Semester

Computer Organization February 2006


1. Answer any FIVE Full questions.

2. All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Explain in brief the evolution of computer system.

(b)What is pipelining? How does it improve the  performance?

(c) Write a short note on multiprocessor and multi computers.


2. (a) Explain various types of rotate instructions

(b) Explain the features of RISC processor.

(c) Write the instruction format MOV AX CX instruction.


3.(a) What are condition code flags? Explain the use of them,

(b)Expiain basic instruction types with the help of examples.

(c)    What is an addressing modes? Explain different types of addressing modes.


4: (a) Draw and explain the timing diagram for modified synchronous input data transfer with multiple clock cycles.

(b)Which type of I/O devices are interfaced through DMA? Expiain the bus-arbitation process used for DMA?

(c) Give comparison between memory mapped I/O and I/O mapped I/O.


5. (a) Explain various types of SCSI bus termination.

(b) Explain the features of USB.

(c) Describe SDRAM and DDR SDRAM operations for data transfer between main memory and cache memory system.


6.  (a) in a two ieve! virtual memory, tA1 = 10~7 and fA2 = 10“2S. What must be the hit ratio ‘H# in order for the access efficiency to be atleast 90 percent of its maximum possible vaiue.

(b) Compare flash drives with hard disk drives.

(c) Draw the disk controller interface connection and explain the major functions of disk controller.


7.(a)Write a short note on look ahead carry generator.

(b)Explain how Booths algorithm is suitable for signed number multiplication in com­parison of conventional shift and add method.

(c)Draw and explain typical hardwired control unit.


8.(a) Draw and explain the multiple bus organisation. Explain its advantages.

(b) With a block diagram, explain the operation of a digital camera?

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